DateDate: 06/07/2020: Mar Sept 14, 2020 UAHA REGULAR MEETING AGENDA Location: ZOOM Executive Session 6:30 p.m. Regular Session: 7:300 p.m. Guest Self‐Introductions In Attendance: Jason Empey, Vice President, Derrick Radke, President, Shelly Strahan, Secretary, Steve Picano, VP of Disabled Hockey, Shannon Schmidt, Youth VP, Doug Anne, Women’s VP, Jill Day, Treasurer, Paul LehmanTim Odell, Tier VP, Doug Anne, Women’s VP, Kathleen Smith, Past President/Rocky Mtn Rep, Emily Rains, Adult VP, Carole StrongRobyn Long VP of Discipline, Cathy Anderson, Registrar, Shannon Schmidt, House Rec/Youth VP, Michael Strahan, ADM Rep, Misti Herbstritt, VP of HS, Chuck Dorval, Women’s VP, VP of HS, Jason Simmons, DCYHA, Wayne Woodhall, Coach in Chief, Misty Herbstritt, HS VP, Dayna Geiger, Damon Kuemmel, Anna Erickson, Golden Eagles, Cathy Anderson, Registrar, Joe and Lisa D’urso, WCR, Jeff Kite, Jr. Grizzlies, Kristey Gines, DCYHA, Gina ?, HS Hockey, Lisa Hoffman, PC Ice Miners, MaryBeth Shaolin, Golden Eagles, Natalie ?, PC Ice Miners, Scott Grant, Jr Grizzlies, Tamara Terrill, Oval, Tim Tate, WIHOA, Nikola Lee, Parent, Steve Picano, Disabled Hockey VPDon Korth, Wounded Warriors, Ryan Bonham, Adult VP Jared Youngman, Jeff Kite, Heidi George, Cathy Anderson, Evan Stoflet, Scott Grant, Dayna Geiger, Marcus Pezzolesi, Jason Simmons, Yvette Connelly, Lisa D’Urso, Mariko Rollins, Mary Beth Scholand, Courtney Miller, Lisa Hoffman, Jared Bussell, State Goalie Rep, Anna Erickson, Patrick Jacobsen, Paul Lehman, Rich Lucy, DCYHA, Nick Dreyer, Weber County, Liz Laszlo, Don McFarland, Wayne Woodhall, Coach in Chief, Wendy Radke, Safesport Coordinator, Elizabeth McCallum, Greg Snider, Jared Bussell, Goalie Rep, Cathy Anderson, Registrar, Foster Watabe, Provo/Peaks, Jesse Buchholz, Peaks, Shane Vest, Peaks, Evan Stoflet, Briggs Depew, Anna Erickson, DCYHA,  Absent: Emily Rains, Adult VP Approval of May minutes: Derrick forgot to send them out, so they will approve these next month. Feb 1 minutes: Jason motioned to approve, Carole StrongPaul seconded, it passed unanimously. A. Associate RegistrarDevelopment Camp: The ice schedule will be sent to Mariko so she can yay or nay and then adjustments will be made. There are a couple of people who registered but now cannot make it, so Steve will get with Derrick. Registration closed first thing this morning. 174 male players are registered. 14 female players are registered.Derrick asked if the board wanted to table discussion, or hold it at the end of meeting. This is a new position, not a replacement of an empty position. Kathleen Smith requested that it be held for an executive session at the end of the regular meeting. The 3 candidates are Chris Lilley, Foster Watabe, and Robin Eyre Long. Derrick announced that it would be held until the end. B. Discussion and Possible Approval of New OrganizationsShannon Schmidt, UYHL: 16U Tier II for Lady Grizzlies: a. Utah Warriors Ice Hockey Program: Has a 501 c 3 Has organization plan/mission statement Don Korth explained that the team trying to build the organization has played in several tournaments this year and had come a long way in the past couple of years. They would like to be affiliated with Utah Hockey, as it gives them access to more tournaments, as well as to insurance. Utah Warriors is part of the disabled hockey program. Steve Picano motioned to approve the application; Doug Anne seconded. It passed unanimously. b. Weber County Youth Hockey: Government Agency (has Bylaws for program) Has organization plan/mission statement Mariko Rollins said that what happened this year during COVID is their overall mission – to create a sustainable, local program for the players within Weber county that goes from 6U to 16U. Eventually they would like to have Tier II, but that is in the future. They do not want to take players from other counties, they want to build a program so that players in Weber county do not have to leave and go elsewhere to get what they need. Shelly Strahan motioned to approve the application; Shannon Schmidt seconded, it was approved unanimously. c. Utah Girls Hockey Association: 501 c 3 is not finalized Has organization plan/mission statement This is to create an autonomous girl’s hockey program from the Utah Lady Grizz. Last year the 501 c 3 was not started, and Derrick recommended that it be a condition of approval that the 501 c 3 be completed. Doug Anne motioned to approve conditional upon approval of the 501 c 3, Shannon Schmidt

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