LINN PRESCHOOL ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE HANDBOOK 2021/2022 LINN PRESCHOOL ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE LINN PRESCHOOL ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE 384 DRAKEMIRE DRIVE CASTLEMILK GLASGOW G45 9SR TEL: 0141 634 4051 EMAIL: HANDBOOK CONTENTS  Mission Statement  About Linn PSADC  Linn PSADC Aims and Objectives LINN PRESCHOOL ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE  Address, Telephone Number, Staff Information  Admission and Review Procedures  Settling In Procedure  Hours of Attendance  Transport  Toy Fund  While Your Child is in Linn PSADC           Clothing Toileting Snacks and Healthy Eating Medical Matters Confidentiality Daily Diary Accommodation for Parents Insurance No Smoking Infection Control in Linn PSADC  The Curriculum  Daily Routine  Child Protection Policy  Accessibility  Your Suggestions and Complaints  Useful Names and Addresses  Holidays and In-Service Days - see back page or MISSION STATEMENT Our aim is to provide comprehensive assessments of the children referred to Linn PSADC. This is carried out within a secure and supportive environment, involving parents, staff and other agencies, in order to devise Wellbeing or Child’s Plans, based on these assessments. LINN PRESCHOOL ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE LINN PRESCHOOL ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Linn PSADC was established to provide a longer term assessment of pre school children, who require close observation within a small group setting. This allows us to develop a profile of their strengths and developmental needs. The Centre was formerly known as Parkhead PSADC, then St Raymond’s PSADC, until its name change in April 2012 to Linn PSADC. Linn Pre School Assessment and Development Centre provides part-time short-term (10-12 weeks) placements which are additional to, and run concurrently with, Early Years Centre placements. The placements are offered to children aged three to five, for whom additional support needs have been identified. The service provided by Linn PSADC is part of Glasgow’s planned staged intervention process to support children with additional support needs. The catchment area is South of the Edinburgh Road in Glasgow. We are based in the South East of the city. The Unit is within a wing of what was St Raymond's Primary School. It consists of 3 spacious bright playrooms, toilets, a staffroom, and two offices. There is a secure outside play area which is concreted. We are currently developing a new garden area. Greenview Learning Centre share our building, however, they have a separate playground and entrance on Drakemire Drive. We have access to their soft play room twice a week. Linn PSADC’s entrance is on Lainshaw Drive. Within Linn PSADC a well balanced range of activities in all key aspects of children's development and learning is provided. The curriculum is adapted to take account of the complex needs of the children. The staff in Linn PSADC work with a range of agencies to provide a comprehensive assessment of each child. Many of our children also attend a mainstream Early Years Establishment and we aim to work in collaboration with staff in the dual placement. Linn PSADC offers assessment in an educational context. This assessment is planned and completed in partnership with parents and families and with the child’s Early Years Centre. Linn PSADC works in partnership with other education, health and social work services to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative assessment profile. Our role is to gather assessment information about each child’s strengths and development needs, and to trial and identify strategies to support each child’s inclusion. LINN PRESCHOOL ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Aims: During the placement the child accesses both the mainstream Early Years Centre and Linn PSADC; this provides a broad and balanced educational experience, with additional support for learning and inclusion. The child’s Early Years Centre provides Linn PSADC on pointers about the child’s prior learning. We aim to provide a secure environment for assessment and development work in which children are relaxed and confident. Linn PSADC uses both the Curriculum for Excellence and the Pre-birth to Three Guidance to plan and assess the children’s learning, taking into account the priorities for assessment. The priorities for assessment are identified and agreed by parents,

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