Open Water Swimming at Glyn Neath lakes Guidelines for 2021 and COVID Return to open water swimming at Glynneath Lakes will be starting from Monday 10 th May 2021. As in previous years all members will be required to sign a disclaimer if they wish to use this facility as these are not club lead or coached sessions and swimmers will swim there at their own risk and will not covered by club insurance. Due to COVID, the size of groups allowed to meet up (max 30 people) will put some restrictions on how many swimmers can attend and as such the lakes manager has given clubs extra days/hours to swim. All swimmers MUST now follow these guidelines, otherwise lake access will be withdrawn from clubs this year. Access to lakes, days and times As we share the lake with other triathlon clubs and water users (Jetskis, water skiing, divers), each club has been given a dedicated night to swim and we also have shared club swims outside of this night.  Morning lake swimming available to all clubs from Monday to Saturday 7am – 9am (out of the water by 9am) up to 10 spaces will be allocated to each club. This will be one booking slot.  Clubs will have an exclusive 90-minute session each week between the hours of 6pm – 9pm (out of the water by 9pm) 30 places will be available to each Club. We share our night with PTH. Tuesdays - Celtic Tri and Port Talbot Harriers Thursdays - Rhondda Tri and Merthyr Tri Allocated clubs nights will rotate weeks so they will have an early session (6pm – 7.30pm) and late session (7.30pm – 9.00pm) A system will be in place to allow a clear transition for clubs leaving and entering the lakes, this to be confirmed on the Members Lakes Facebook group. There will be a Friday session available to all 4 clubs and up to 10 spaces will be allocated to each club. This session will be from 7:30pm – 9pm. This will be one booking slot. All sessions will be required to be booked via the clubs’ own track and trace system and made available for 21 days to other clubs, if any club member the shows signs or symptom of COVID. THERE IS NO ACCESS TO THE LAKES ON WEEKENDS AFTER 9am YOU MUST NOT USE THE LAKES OUTSIDE OF THESE TIMES Open Water Swimming at Glyn Neath lakes Guidelines for 2021 and COVID The main guidelines of use are:  Must be a Celtic Tri member and have your membership card with you at all times when using the lakes. You may be challenged by the owner or a representative when you attend and will need to show your card.  Must have a signed a disclaimer to use the lakes. This needs to be done before visiting the lakes and it only needs to be completed once a year when registration for the lakes open. A copy of the disclaimer will be kept with the club and a copy is sent to the lake’s owner. There are no exceptions to this. If you miss the registration period, you can register by contacting a committee member.  Must use the dedicated Facebook Group [GLYN NEATH LAKES CELTIC TRI MEMBERS] for organising swims, informing the group about any issues at the lakes and for checking in and out. See below for checking in/out.  DON’T SWIM ALONE. As tempting it may be to go there on a summer’s day, you must not swim alone. If you are caught or reported, you will be banned from Celtic Tri, no exceptions! Remember our allocated swim times too.  There is limited parking at the lakes and the road is a shared with 2 neighbours who don't want hundreds of cars travelling along the road. Minimise the number of cars entering the lake, while maintaining social distancing when possible. You may be required to walk to the lakes. Park and walk to the lakes (about half mile down the track) ◦ park in large layby on main road (Marked as Parking 1 on the map) ◦ layby opposite turning into the lane (Marked as Parking 2 on the map) ◦ McDonald’s carpark/layby (Marked as Parking 3 on the map)  Don't use the larger lake if there are powered craft are using it!  Don't give the Gate code to anyone else, or publish it outside of the closed Glyn Neath Lakes Facebook Group  With the additional hours allocated to the Triathlon clubs there should be no need for swimmers of clubs to swim outside of these hours, members that swim outside of these hours will be trespassing if they do.  Entry and exit is being monitored by the neighbours and will be reported back to the lakes manager if cars are speeding or a large number of cars are turning up.  Allocated places for parking once inside the lake, is near the large lake 

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