Bull Marketplace Receiving Guidance Following are key insights to guide you with receiving in Bull Marketplace. Receiving in Bull Marketplace does not function the same as receiving previously did in FAST. Receiving in Bull Marketplace versus FAST  Receipts are not linked to specific invoices in Bull Marketplace . AP vouchers invoices based on the Purchase Order number, not by individual receipts. When an invoice is vouchered in Bull Marketplace, the system automatically looks for the total available receipt balance on a PO and uses it to match with vouchered invoices. This means that receipts intended for one invoice may be applied to another invoice by the system. A receiving disconnect on prior invoices can have a downstream effect on current invoices, preventing matching. o Note, this functionality is different than how FAST previously handled receipts and is a system limitation of Bull Marketplace. USF Financial Control – 3-way matching  Receipt transactions are acknowledgement of physical receipt of goods or completion of services rendered and are a fundamental component of the key financial control of three-way matching of Purchase Order, Receipt, and Invoice. Therefore, USF departments should create receipts using packing slips or confirmation that services have been provided, not just based upon what a supplier invoiced. Receiving based upon a supplier invoice is inappropriate and circumvents USF’s three-way matching controls.  Accounts Payable does not analyze receipts versus invoices for USF departments, nor will AP tell any department to enter a receipt or how much monetary value to include on a receipt. This would be contrary to the basic USF financial control of independently three-way matching.  USF Departments must assess the (unmatched) status of their in-process transactions and take necessary action. Receipt transactions entered in total on a PO must be enough to cover all invoiced obligations, which is how Bull Marketplace operates. Responding to Receipt Notifications  If you are receiving a system notification that states “Invoice requires receiving”, it means the invoice has already been vouchered in Bull Marketplace by AP but is not fully received/matched. Please do not resubmit the invoice to AP as it could result in duplicate payment. Instead, review the invoice in Bull Marketplace and view the “Matching” tab to determine why it is pending “match exception” and take necessary action.  Please do not respond to the Receipt Notification reminders unless you have a specific issue or question related to the transaction. AP does not need to be notified when a receipt has been created, as the invoice has already been entered. If you respond to Receipt Notification reminders it will create an unnecessary help desk ticket. Submitting Receipts in Bull Marketplace:  Be sure to select the correct Purchase Order. Just as in FAST, anyone with the Requestor or Receiver role can receive on any open PO in Bull Marketplace.  If your PO has multiple lines, the system will pull in all the lines automatically when creating a receipt. Best practice is to remove lines from your receipt that you do not intend to receive against, instead of changing the amount/quantity to “0”. Receiving a cost/quantity of “0” on PO lines will still show up as a receipt for each line and make researching issues more difficult than needed. This will also help limit accidental over receiving.  Invoices must be sent to Accounts Payable apinvoices@usf.edu for processing. Attaching the invoice to a receipt transaction in Bull Marketplace is not a method for submittal for payment.  For step-by-step instructions on entering basic receipt transactions see the Receiving Cost Job Aid and Receiving Quantity Job Aid on the Accounts Payable web page: https://www.usf.edu/business-finance/controller/payment-services/acctpay.aspx. How to cancel a receipt in Bull Marketplace:  If you receive against an incorrect PO or item, attempt to delete the receipt first. To delete a receipt transaction in Bull Marketplace, open the PO > select the “Receipts” tab > click on the receipt and select “Re-open Receipt” > you can then delete the receipt.  If the PO has been partially invoiced, you will be unable to edit/delete the receipt. Instead, make the correction using one of the methods below: o For cost-based receipts on blanket purchase orders , create a credit receipt for the amount received in error. Create a receipt for

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