Bulls Eye Quilt Why reinvent the wheel. Here are 2 great tutorials. https://www.simplesimonandco.com/2013/05/ indie-chic-circle-quilt-a-bulls-eye-quilttutorial.html/ https://conniekresin.com/batik-bulls-eye-quiltblock-tutorial/ Connie shows you how to use an AccuQuilt GO to cut the circles. Step #1- Cut out your circles. You will need a small, medium, and large circle for each square in your quilt. I used a Sizzix Big Shot Die cutter with a multiple circle die and a circle template from a scrapbooking set. Depending on the size you want to cut your background squares you can find all kinds of circle templates in your house. Plates and bowls make great templates. My circles ended up being 3 ½ ,4 ½ , and 6 inches. Step #2- Cut out your solid squares. Because my largest circle was 6 inches, I chose to make my squares 7 ½ by 7 ½ . Another popular size is 9 x 9 inches. Step #3. Center a large circle on one of your squares and sew it on. Stitch approximately ¼ of an inch inside your circle and leave the edges raw. These will fray and get softer and cuter the more that you wash your quilt. If you are worried about bulk, now is the time to cut away some of the backing fabric. Make a slit in the backing and cut leaving about ½ inch beyond the stitching. Step #4. Center your medium circle in the middle of your large circle and sew it on just like you did the large circle. Easy. Again, now is the time to trim if you are worried about bulk. Step #7. Now begin to assemble your finished 4 square blocks. Do this by choosing 4 different pattern pieces. (As shown in the picture below.) Step #5. Center your smallest circle in the middle of your medium circle and sew it on exactly the way you did the other two circles. Step #6. Cut each of your circled squares exactly in half vertically and horizontally. Step #8. Placing your squares right sides together sew your top two squares together and your bottom two squares together. (Like in the picture below.) Step #9. Now place these two rectangles right sides together and sew them together so that you have a finished block that looks like the one in the picture below. Repeat this process until you have constructed all your blocks. Then assemble your quilt in the style of your choice. This is a great block to use for a quilt swap. No need to be super precise or worry about matching seams. It lends to the scrappy appearance. This baby quilt is 34 x 50 inches

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