Artist Application National Celtic Folk Festival June 10-13th, 2022 Registrations for the National Celtic Folk Festival 2022 are now open and will close on Friday 20th December 2019. Notifications will be provided by the start of March 2022. Please read the Artist Application Guidelines and then complete the application for below. Type in the spaces provided and email as an attachment to We encourage Artists / Performers to fully participate in all aspects of the festival. Preference is given to artists / performers who align with our vision – to host a premier event of international and national significance that provides an authentic expression of Celtic culture across the Arts – music, song, dance, theatre, storytelling etc. At the heart of the festival is community with a focus on inclusivity and participation. The festival encompasses both traditional and contemporary interpretations within the Australian Folk setting and supports the sustainability of the culture in a contemporary context. IMPORTANT – APPLICATIONS CLOSE MARCH 4TH 2022. 1. CONTACT DETAILS Performance/Artist Name Contact Name Postal Address Mobile / Phone E-mail Address Web Page Address Facebook Instagram 2. PERFORMANCE DESCRIPTION Please describe your act in 50 - 80 words. If your application is successful this will be included as your artist profile in the festival program (may be edited). 3. NAMES OF ARTISTS / INSTRUMENTS / VOCALS / OTHER Are any of these artists / performers in other acts that have applied for the festival? Please name the act(s) as this will be considered in programming. Artist / Performer Name(s) Instrument(s) / Vocals (if applicable) Performing with another act? List name of act 4. TYPE OF PERFORMANCE (Music / dance acts) □ Powered only (PA) □ Suitable for Acoustic Venue (Without a PA, power for small amps okay) □ Either / Both 5. OTHER FESTIVAL CONTRIBUTIONS The Programming Team is looking for variety across the Arts and will give preference to acts that have other contributions to offer. Apart from concerts, are there any other ways you can contribute to the Festival program? Contributions Details CD Launch Theme concerts Hosting concerts MC work Children’s entertainment Workshop / Masterclass Please provide description / skill level / requirements - Other performances 6. PERFORMANCE SUGGESTIONS We are very supportive of new ideas or unique ways of presenting your work at the Festival. Do you have any suggestions or can you offer us something different? 7. AVAILABILITY The Festival starts Friday night with the major venues while Saturday and Sunday are fully programmed across all venues. Monday will have the major venues finishing with a Finals Concert mid-afternoon. It is expected that Artists will be available for the whole festival if engaged for the TOTAL FESTIVAL fee unless by prior arrangement with Festival Director. Artists engaged for ONE DAY ONLY of Festival need to be available for either Saturday OR Sunday unless by prior arrangement with Festival Director. 8. PERFORMANCE QUOTE  Artists are usually booked for the TOTAL FESTIVAL on the basis that they will be available to perform approximately 3 to 5 times throughout the whole weekend (Friday night through to Monday afternoon)    Some acts may be engaged for ONE DAY ONLY Please give a realistic quote on the basis of covering expenses and/or fee structure Your quote should include ALL EXPENSES & GST (if registered for GST) Total Festival Fee One Day Only Fee Performance Fee $ $ GST (if applicable) $ $ Total $ $ IMPORTANT - SUPPORTING MATERIAL Preference will be given to applications that supply up-to-date support materials Artists / Performers MUST provide a link to sound files / CD recording / / video recording and photo with application Please supply the following supporting material – 1. Link to sound files / Quality CD recording / video recording (will also be used for Festival marketing & promotion – CDs / DVDs will not be returned) 2. Photo – Preferably in JPEG format, at least 300 Dpi (it may be included in our program or used for marketing) 3. Additional Biographical material (if available) Thank you for your interest and application. EMAIL APPLICATIONS / PHOTOS / BIO MATERIAL OR SEND LINKS TO – OR MAIL CDs / DVDs TO Programming Director National Celtic Folk Festival PO Box 1314, Geelong 3220 FESTIVAL ENQUIRIES TO Please e-mail the festival at director@n


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