Preoperative discussion system 1Pre-operative discussion is necessary for secondary or more operations and new operations.If the time of emergency operation is not allowed for preoperative discussion, the second-level operation should be determined by the attending physician (including the attending physician), and the third-level operation should be determined by the assistant chief physician (including the assistant chief physician). 2Preoperative discussion should be completed within 72 hours. 3Major, difficult, disabled, important organ removal and new operations should be reported to the Medical Section for approval or notified to the Medical Section to participate in the preoperative discussion.Multidisciplinary experts are organized by the Medical Section to participate in the discussion when necessary. 4Before discussion, we should complete the comprehensive evaluation of medical history, physical examination, imaging and laboratory examination data according to the patient's condition evaluation system.The evaluation focuses on admission assessment, surgical risk assessment, pre-anesthesia assessment and critical patient assessment. 5The preoperative seminar is usually chaired by the head of the department. All on-the-job physicians in the department attend the seminar. Surgeons, head nurses and responsible nurses must attend the seminar. 6Discussions include: preoperative condition assessment, focusing on surgical risk assessment, preanesthesia assessment, critical patient assessment; patient diagnosis and its basis; completion of preoperative preparations, patient's ideological situation and requirements; indications for surgery; surgical options, including surgical methods, key points and precautions, possible risks, accidents, complications and prevention of surgery.Measures, the choice of anesthesia methods, the cooperation requirements of the operating room, the need to complete the operation in stages and the matters needing attention after the operation, etc. 7For difficult, complex and major operations, those who need the cooperation of relevant departments should invite the staff of anesthesiology department and related departments to consult or participate in discussions in advance, and make adequate preoperative preparations. 8The doctor in charge should record the preoperative discussion in the preoperative discussion record book, and write the preoperative discussion record in the course record.

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