Practice Report on Automobile Operation and Maintenance Practice Report on Automobile Operation and Maintenance I I. Corporate background of internship In the late 1920s, Wuling Liuji, once an aircraft and artillery maintenance plant of Li Zongren's army, is now growing into one of the 500 largest machinery industry enterprises in China.Has the domestic first-class mini car engine design, research and development, manufacturing scale.With 80-year-old Wuling Liuji, after self-innovation and self-brand dual-engine assembly, it is increasing the throttle to advance at full speed on China's automotive industry avenue.Over the years, Wuling Liuji has not only accumulated rich human wealth, but also gathered a group of young and promising scientific and technological talents. It is this strong intellectual reserve that makes the new products of Wuling Liuji continuous.Wuling Liu engine has designed and developed more than 100 types of gasoline engines, diesel engines and their supporting products successively. At present, the leading products on the market are LJ462QE EFI gasoline engine series, LJ465QE EFI gasoline engine series, LJ474QE EFI gasoline engine series, LJ491QE EFI gasoline engine series and LJ486QE EFI gasoline engine series, etc.With excellent performance, well received by users, it has established a good reputation among 2 million users. II. Purpose and Significance of Practice 1. To deepen the professional knowledge of automobile operation and maintenance through production practice, consolidate professional ideas and stimulate learning enthusiasm. 2. Familiar with automobile repair environment and tools.To accumulate certain knowledge and experience for future work. 3. Open up our horizons, enhance professional awareness, consolidate and understand professional courses. 4. Through on-site maintenance practice and communication guidance of enterprise staff, integrating theory with practice, the theoretical knowledge learned is verified, deepened, consolidated and enriched, and the ability to analyze and solve practical engineering problems is trained, which lays a solid foundation for subsequent professional knowledge learning, curriculum design and graduation design. 3. Time and place of internship August 1, 20XX - August 15, 20XX to Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd. User Service Center to learn automobile engine maintenance and repair knowledge. IV. The Content and Process of Practice (1) Engine Maintenance Whether old or new cars, due to wear and aging after using for a period of time, it is necessary to maintain and restore the technical performance of the car, to ensure that the car has good usability and reliability, and to extend the service life of the car. "Engine Maintenance Regulations" of Wuling Liuzhou Machine: First maintenance should be carried out at the nearest service station when the actual driving mileage of the vehicle is 2000-2500 km; Second maintenance should be carried out at the nearest service station when the vehicle actually travels 7500 +500 km; After the second maintenance, the vehicle must be routinely maintained once every 5,000 km interval. (2) Common faults of engines 1. The engine is easy to extinguish after starting.Check the anti-theft device, check whether the spark of ignition system is too weak, whether the air-fuel ratio is correct and the intake pressure is large. 2. Engine works, starter does not work.Check the cremation plug, whether the fuel supply system is oil supply, fuel water content, intake pressure, ignition timing. 3. High idle speed and low idle speed.Bad ignition, incorrect vacancy ratio, faulty idle control valve circuit, leakage of air intake, detection of engine control unit voltage and ignition timing. 4. Steering noise, front suspension plane bearing, ball cage bearing, ball cage bearing sheath damage. 5. Earthquakes.Incorrect selection of ignition plug, low octane number of gasoline, in-cylinder carbon collection, ignition timing. 6. Reverse gear.Reverse drive gear, inert wheel damaged. 7. Air conditioning does not refrigerate.There is too much foreign dust on the air conditioning condenser, the fan is not working properly, the compressor drive belt clutch is slippery and fluorine-deficient. 8. Engine failure lights flashing.The engine itself is in trouble when it's always on, and the fuel may be in trouble when it's flickering. 5. Experiences in Practice I think this internship, to see their hard work, I like to

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