To: Interested Seedstock Breeders From: Steve Meadows, Director Clemson Bull Test Program Subject: 2022 Clemson Bull Test Nominations The 2022 Clemson University Bull Test season will be here before we know it. With that in mind, please study the rules and regulations for consideration of consignment. Rules and regulations are listed below. Changes and additions to rules are highlighted in red. We will again be utilizing our GrowSafe 6000 system to measure individual feed intake and calculate relative efficiency of individual bulls. Enclosed are the calendar, requirements, nomination form and health certificate form for the 2022 Clemson Bull Test. Nomination deadlines are set early enough to give consignors time to receive official notification of pre-test acceptance or rejection of their bulls before going to the expense of, persistent BVD test (all bulls) and health papers (CVI, out of state bulls). Please note there are some changes in requirements for acceptance. We have added that DNA Genomics are to be done prior to delivery and signed registration papers due upon delivery. Consigned bulls are to be free of all known genetic defects specific to their respective breed registry. All bulls must have 840 HDX ear tag in left ear upon arrival to bull test station. Early Nomination Deadline – Wednesday, June 9, 2021 (offered to anyone who has consigned bulls to the Clemson test in the past 2 years) 2022 Clemson Bull Test-Nominations Deadline-July 1,2021 Item Test Manager Station Capacity Birth Dates Birth Weights Weaning Deadline Min. Adj. 205 Wean Weight Min. Adj. 205 Wean Weight Ratio Horned, Polled or Polled/Scurs/Identification Pre-Delivery Vaccinations Deadline Pre-Delivery (Weaning) Herd Health Requirements Nomination Form & Fee Due Nomination Fee Nominations Accepted Priority Signed Registration Certificates Due ALL DNA Genomics Due Delivery Delivery Delivery Delivery Day Day -Entry Fee Day -Minimum WDA Day -Health Papers Warm-up Period 0-days Weight -(On-Test) 28-days Weight 56-days Weight 84-days Weight 112-days Weight (Off-Test) Adjusted Yearling Weight Minimum Sale Requirements within breed-age group Sale Order Sale Day Requirement / Information 80 bulls Senior Bulls -September 1 -October 31, 2020 Junior Bulls – November 1- December 31, 2020 Actual birth weights -required July 15, 2021 625 lbs. All Breeds. 93 within weaning contemporary group – ET bulls accepted with birth date of recip. Bulls of all breeds must be polled or dehorned and healed before delivery. All bulls must have legible tattoos. If tattoos are not legible, bulls will be sent home. July 15, 2021 Vaccinations -IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV [Modified Live Virus vaccine] -5-way Leptospirosis -7-way Blackleg (Clostridials) Pasteurella haemolytica Dewormed & Treated for grub and lice control July 15, 2021 Deadline $100 per bull (NON-REFUNDABLE) Applied to maintenance of bull test facilities for bulls accepted for test. IF BULL/S ARE PRELIMINARY ACCEPTED AND NOT DELIVERED THE $100 IS FORFEITED. Substitutions allowed if they meet minimum entry requirements. Early Nomination Period (Consigned bulls in previous 2 yrs.) then, 1st -South Carolina breeders -by date received 2nd Out-of-State breeders by date received, if space available AT DELIVERY AT DELIVERY (NEW) All bulls must be tested with a lowdensity genomic panel or higher for genomic enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs) and parentage verified by breed association. August 3, 2021 $150 per bull 2.50 lbs./day 1 -Clemson Bull Testing Program Health Certificate 2 -State Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for out of state bulls 3 –All bulls must have negative persistent BVD test 14 days August 17, 2021 September 14, 2021 October 12, 2021 -Seniors –Ultrasound & Scrotal November 9, 2021 December 7, 2021 -Juniors – Ultrasound & Scrotal 365-Days Average Daily Gain Ratio -85 Weight per Day of Age Ratio -90 Adjusted Yearling Weight Ratio -90 Adjusted 365-Day Yearling Scrotal Circumference 30 cm. Pass Screening Committee Evaluation, Pass Breeding Soundness Exam Index (combination of feed efficiency and gain) February 5, 2022 Snow Date February 9, 2022 Other Bull Test Information I. Entry Requirements 1. All consignors must be members of the South Carolina Cattlemen’s Association. 2. Breeders' herds must be enrolled in their respective breed association performance records program. 3. Breeders may consign as many bulls as desired – provided space is available. (NEW) 4. All bulls must have a performance registration

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