-ANYTIME CHEERSG O G O Come on Warriors Let’s Go Blue, White, Go Warriors Go Go Warriors Yell It – Louder Now Let’s Go Blue! Wilton, you know what you gotta do You gotta Rock with the White and Roll with the Blue Who are you yelling for The Wilton (X) Warriors (X) Who rocks the house I said the Warriors rock the house And when the Warriors rock the house They rock it all the way down Devastate, dominate We got what it takes Devastate, dominate We’ll blow you away Hey – do the Wilton rumble Hey – do the Wilton rumble Stop, Drop and Rumble No body can match our spirit, gonna shout it out so all can hear it Yell S s, P p, ir ir it, IT Every minute, Every hour You can feel that Wilton Power Coming on real strong. . .huh Coming on real strong. . .huh Lean to the left Lean to the right Stand up, sit down, fight, fight Fight for the Blue Fight for the White Let’s go Wilton, and fight Warriors (XX) Do it (X) You Gotta Get, Get, Get to it (First ripple) Hey (Second ripple) Hey (Everyone) Here we go, go big blue X Blue XXX White XXX Let’s Go XX Blue White Blue, White Yell it Wilton Fight Wilton (1st Ripple) Warriors (2nd Ripple) The Big Blue And White X Hey all you Wilton Fans let me see you clap your hands! (XX XXX XX XXX) Now that you got the beat, let me see you stomp your feet! (Stomp feet to the beat) Now that you got the groove let me see your body move! Aaa whoo waah ah ah Aaa whoo wahh ah ah! 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 now that you got the jive, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 back it up and do it again. (Repeat but change last line to. . .) We’re the Warriors and that’s the end! -ANYTIME CHANTHere we go Wilton, here we go! (XX) We are proud of you, say we are proud of you! (X X X) (NOT IN CHEER MOVIE 2015) -OFFENSE CHEERSACT (X X X) ION (X X X) Action, action we want action! GG OO We’re the warriors on the go Split the V, Dot the I, Curl the C T O R Y Turn around, touch the ground Get back up and break it down Fire up, Dig in Warriors Go Fight Win We want a victory, help us out, yell the words, when we shout V I C T O R Y V I C T O R Y Victory, victory one more time V I C T O R Y R*O*W*D*I*E That’s the way we spell rowdie Rowdie, let’s get rowdie, woo! S C O R E raise that score (X X) some more! Touchdown is where we’re bound, touchdown’s where we’re bound (X X X) We want a touchdown Just a little touchdown We want a touchdown Score 6 more Down the field, Down the field Move the ball, Score Six Touchdown, Touchdown (Ripple) Score 6 more Hike that ball and move it down the line The Warriors want a Touchdown And we’re doin’ just fine M O (XX) V E (XX) Move the ball to victory Pump up that score Let’s get six more Touchdown X Warriors X We want 6 X Offense, Warriors X We want a touchdown S-C XX O-R-E XX Score, Score, Score XXX Give me a G, G Give me an O, O Give me a G, Give me an O Give me a go Wilton go Take That Ball Down (X) The Field Touchdown X Go Warriors X (3 Times) (NOT IN CHEER MOVIE 2015) Offense, one more time Move that Ball Across the Line 1,2 3,4 Come on warriors let's score (x3) -OFFENSE CHANTSTouchdown X X Touchdown X X (Repeat) Offense (X X) Offense (X X) -DEFENSE CHEERS- Get Tough! Attack! Make them shake in their knees ‘Cause we’re the Wilton Warriors and we do as we please Fire up! (X X) Get going again, never give up, never give in! We’re rowdy, we’re rough! We’re big and mean and tough! We’re rowdy, rough, mean and tough; I say we’re rough and tough! Hold that line Hold that line Gotta hold that line Push ‘em back Take ‘em down Defense, Defense Wilton – Attack Sack that Quarterback Defense, Defense Hold that line Push ‘em back Push ‘em back Way back Hey, Hey, what do you say, get that ball the other way Knock ‘em down Roll ‘em around Come on defense Work, Work You got the ball, we want the ball, hey! Defense, Defense, Wilton X Let’s Roll, Defense take control X H-O XX L-D XX Hold em, hold em XX Big D Push through, Push through, Push through that Line X De X Fense X Blue XXX T to the A to the K to the Take that ball away XX E Hey X Hey X Go Warriors Steal that ball X Defense X Be Aggressive X Steal That Ball X (3 Times) Wilton, Hold That Line Gotta Beat The Rams (name of opposing team) Defense Stand tall Steal that ball (x3) D E F E N S E Defense, Let’s Go (NOT IN CHEER MOVIE 2015) -DEFENSE CHANTSDefense (XX) Defense (XX) -LONG CHEERSHey – What Do Ya Say Blue and White (XX) Blue and White (XX) Hey – What Do Ya Say Warriors Fight (XX) Warriors Fight (XX) Blue and White (XX) Warriors Fight (X

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