The Covenant by jamies_lady 1. Rome by jamies_lady 2. The invitation by jamies_lady 3. phone calls by jamies_lady 4. first meetings by jamies_lady 5. dinner by jamies_lady 6. secrets and Surprises by jamies_lady 7. Library by jamies_lady 8. Old Friends by jamies_lady 9. a second dinner by jamies_lady 10. End of Dinner, by jamies_lady 11. unexpected guests by jamies_lady 12. two fights by jamies_lady 13. Getting Ready for a fight by jamies_lady 14. Travers by jamies_lady 15. The problem with warlocks by jamies_lady 16. The Orbs of Thesula by jamies_lady 17. Willow V The Orbs by jamies_lady 18. Doorways and Portals by jamies_lady 19. a Family reunion by jamies_lady 20. Mother's love by jamies_lady 21. Surprises and Surprises by jamies_lady 22. Travers by jamies_lady 23. Shanshu by jamies_lady 24. A lovely spuffy ending by jamies_lady Rome by jamies_lady Author's Notes: my very first anything so please be gentle. I will finish but this may take some time. There will be no explicit scenes but gentle mention of non- regular relationships. I have re-edited this as a nice reviewer pointed out that it needed betaing.Many thanks Disclaimer . I own nothing, this is for entertainment only. If Spike was mine he'd never be allowed to wear a shirt Willow sat at the table enjoying her coffee. The hot Italian sun beat down on the square and the fountain gave off a lazy noise as it splashed over the figure of a dolphin. Coming to Rome to stay with Buffy and Spike after the hell of the battle with the senior partners had been a splendid idea. Willow thought back to the moment when Giles had received the phone call from Lorne telling him about Angels plan to bring down the LA part of Wolf Ram and Hart. Immediate action had alerted covens, slayers and what was left of the watchers all over the world. The coven had been in contact with all available slayers, then helped Willow to teleport them into the alley as the demons had rushed the two vampires. Over 100 slayers plus witches and known fighters had appeared from nowhere and had joined the raging battle. Even Riley had managed to get there with his men. Shamans from his black ops group bringing them in. Balance had been preserved and another small item on the news had told of a gangland battle with both groups high on PCB. Now they could all rest. Angel was gone he went off with Nina, the wolf girl after seeing Buffy hold onto Spike so tightly obviously so much in love. She had been stroking and kissing his demon face and hadn’t even noticed when Angel turned and walked away. Willow had accompanied Buffy and Spike back to Rome where Dawn was waiting. Tears were shed and old arguments made up. Dawn had spent the night just holding onto Spike crying. Giles was busy setting up the new watchers council under Faith and Robin’s scrutiny. A fair deal for slayers had been the first priority. They even got wages. Large amounts of money had been found in numerous accounts, more than enough to ensure no slayer would have to work in a Burger bar to survive, much to Buffy’s relief and anger. The hardship of carrying all the responsibility for so long had made her almost glad that Travers was not around. She wasn’t supposed to kill humans! Then Willow and Kennedy had split up and that had been bad, but even Spike had helped Red through it. Then Xander had come back. Fit tanned and gorgeous with a girl, um Slayer, on his arm. She was blonde and also very fit in all ways. That had caused a few problems to start jealousy and the like but then one drunken night the three of them had ended up sleeping it off in the same bad then one thing led to another and now they were together. The three of them and so very happy. So there Willow sat and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on her face and the taste of fresh coffee. Nothing could bother her here she thought. She could just be. Rachael watched from the dress shop. She had been looking through some very naughty nighties and hoping that Willow and her other lover would like them as well. A tall broad shouldered man with athletic appearance was standing in the corner watching her as she looked through the scraps of silk. He appreciated a pretty girl fingering lingerie and spent his time picturing it on her or her friend across the square his one good eye appreciating the beauty around him. Xander had changed. A year or more in Africa had honed his body and rid him of all the puppy fat. He was now sculpted and got as many admiring glance as Spike d

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