SECTION 05 31 23 STEEL ROOF DECKING Note to specifier: This is a sample specification and should be revised to meet project requirements. PART 1 – GENERAL 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS A. The General Conditions of the Contract and all Sections of Division 1, General Requirements, form an integral part of the requirements of this Section. B. Coordinate with the requirements of other units of work specified in other Sections. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS A. Design steel deck using limit states design in accordance with CSA-S136 and CSSBI 10M. B. Steel deck and connections to steel framing to carry dead, live and other loads including lateral loads, diaphragm action, composite deck action, and uplift as indicated. The design shall rely on SDI or CSSBI design procedures. C. Deflection under specified live load not to exceed 1/300 of span for roof, 1/360 of span for floor and 1/180 of span for wall. D. Where vibration effects are to be controlled as indicated, dynamic characteristics of decking system to be designed to be in accordance with CAN/CSA-S16.1, Appendix 'G'. SHOP DRAWINGS A. Submit shop drawing erection and shoring drawings. B. Indicate deck plan, profile and gauge, dimensions, base steel thickness, metallic coating designation, connections to supports and spacing, projections, openings, reinforcement details and accessories. C. Indicate details of temporary shoring of steel deck, such as location, time and duration of placement and removal of shoring for concrete fill decks. FASTENING A. Fasten roof deck to the top flange or chord sections of steel frame with the Hilti HSN 24 fastener where top flange or chord thickness are between 1/8” – 3/8” (3-10 mm). For top flanges equal to or thicker than 1/4’’ (6 mm), use the Hilti X-ENP-19 L15 fastener. B. The installer that will be using the tools to attach the deck fasteners shall be trained & certified by fastener manufacturer’s representative on the general use of powder actuated technology and fastening guidelines for the attachment of steel deck. C. Locate fasteners so that clearances to edge of steel, end of decking panels, and the side of deck troughs meet fastener and deck manufacturer’s installation guidelines. D. Ensure nail head standoffs measurements meet fastener manufacturer’s recommendations. STEEL ROOF DECKING 053123 - 1 PART 2 – PRODUCTS 2.01 MATERIALS A. Zinc-iron Alloy (ZF) coated steel sheet: to ASTMA653/A653M structural quality Grade 230, with ZF75 coating, for interior surfaces not exposed to weather, unpainted finish. (Note to specifier: Please choose the appropriate specification for your project requirements). B. Acceptable deck: a. ASC b. Canam c. CSI d. Epic e. New Millenium f. Verco g. Vicwest h. Vulcraft-Nucor C. Fasteners shall have knurled shank; minimum 1/2’’ (12 mm) diameter steel washers; electroplated zinc coating conforming to ASTM B633, Sc.1, Type III; meet CSSBI and SDI design requirements; Factory Mutual approval, such as Hilti HSN 24 or X-ENP-19 L15 fasteners. D. For use on open web steel joists or cold rolled sections with steel top flange between 1/8” – 3/8” (3-10 mm) thick, use Hilti X-HSN 24 fasteners. For structural steel top flanges equal to or thicker than 1/4” (6mm), use Hilti X-ENP-19 L15 fasteners. Verify performance and installability with the fastener manufacturer representative by performing test fastenings prior to installation of decking. E. Sidelap connectors to connect steel deck units at overlaps: Hilti SLC 01 for gauges 1826 or the Hilti SLC 02 for gauges 16-22. (Note to specifier: For interlocking deck choose button punches or proprietary deck fastening method to connect steel deck units at overlaps). 2.02 F. Acoustic insulation: fibrous glass 17.5 kg/m3 density profiled to suit deck flutes. G. Closures: in accordance with deck manufacturer's recommendations. DECK TYPES A. Metal deck shall be as manufactured by those listed in section 2.01b or approved equal. B. Steel roof decks: minimum base steel thickness, depth and profile as indicated on drawings, non-cellular, perforated on vertical face of flutes, overlapping side laps. C. Acoustic steel roof decks: minimum base steel thickness, depth and profile as indicated on drawings, non-cellular, perforated on vertical face of flutes, overlapping side laps. STEEL ROOF DECKING 053123 - 2 D. Composite steel floor decks: minimum base steel thickness, depth and profile as indicated on drawings, non-cellular

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