Klamath County Sheep Department Policies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. General Sheep Rules: The general sheep rules will incorporate by reference the Code of Conduct, the 4-H/FFA General Rules, the 4-H/FFA Animal Science Rules and the Market Auction Sale Policies, if applicable. In addition, the State Fair Rules will supersede any rules at the county level when applicable. State Fair rules are available online. Ratification or modification of any sheep rules must have two-thirds majority approval of leaders present at the appropriate meeting. All other decisions shall be approved with a simple majority approval. These changes will then be submitted the Extension Agent for final approval/disapproval decision. Each club in attendance at the sheep division meetings will be allowed one vote per every 10 members. The vote may come from a leader, parent or junior/teen leader representing the club. All other voting outside the sheep division business will be by the 4-H Leaders Executive Board guidelines. If a club has not been represented at a minimum of two of the three previous meetings, they shall not have a vote on any matter until their attendance meets these requirements. No actions shall be taken involving the Sheep Division without involvement of the Sheep Superintendent(s) who will then present any proposed changes to the Sheep Leaders at the next meeting. A vote from the Sheep Leaders will constitute approval or denial of any proposed changes. If time is a factor, a telephone vote is allowed. These changes will then be submitted the Extension Agent for final approval/disapproval decision. In the event of a complaint or problem, the Sheep Superintendent(s) will be notified first. If the Sheep Superintendent(s) deems any action is necessary, it will then be taken to the Extension Agent to determine options in addressing the situation. If the Sheep Superintendent(s) is the subject of the complaint, the Assistant Superintendent will present the issue to the Extension Agent for resolution. Tagging and Weighing Market Lambs 1. All lambs to be shown at fair in a market class shall be tagged. The Leaders Association will provide the tags. 2. All lambs MUST have a scrapies tag from its flock of origin in its ear at the spring weigh-in. 3. All prospective market auction animals must have been owned and be in the possession of the 4-H/FFA members by June 1. “Possession” of all species will be identified by designated ear tags and will be committed to a specific member, including the backup animal(s). A family back up animal can be listed on multiple family members if that is a shared animal. However, if a family owns equal number of market and back up animals, then each animal must be assigned to different youth and shall not be switched after the possession dates of June 1. The backup market lamb may be shown in the non-auction class. Club back-up animals must be transferred to the member 14 days prior to the fair and cannot replace a lamb at the scales. 4. All “ownership” deadlines are also “possession” deadlines. Any 4-H exhibitor leasing animals must follow the state leasing guideline: a member may lease multiple animals with a copy of the lease contract provided to the 4-H office by June 1 for livestock. 5. Spring Weigh-In: Will be held at one time, in only one place, for everyone. Cost per member at spring weigh in is $20.00 for your primary and back-up lamb. 6. There will be no maximum weight at spring weigh-in; however, 26 lbs. must be gained in order to meet the rate of gain requirement. The minimum weight at Klamath County Fair is 110 pounds and the maximum weight for lambs at the Klamath County Fair is 160, therefore lambs at 134 lbs. at spring weigh-in are highly discouraged. Animals must be born after January 1 of the 4-H year. 7. All lambs will be required to gain 0.4 lbs. per day from spring weigh in to county fair in order to show in any of the following classes at county fair: market, non-auction market, and farm raised. Revised 4/18/22 Lambs not meeting these weight requirements are not eligible for the auction. These lambs will only be eligible to show in the feeder lamb class. Weights taken during the spring weigh-in will be used in conjunction with the fair weight to substantiate that the mandatory daily rate of gain was met. 8. All lambs MUST be shorn prior to the spring weigh-in to be eligible for weighing and tagging. If a lamb is not shorn, the lamb WILL BE TAGGED, however a meeting will be held with the

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