Safe4Summer: Grassfires Secondary School Lesson Plan for Delivery Programme of Study for PSHE Education: Managing risk and personal safety KS3 KS4 H30. how to identify risk and manage personal safety in increasingly independent situations, including online. H31. ways of assessing and reducing risk in relation to health, wellbeing and personal safety. H22. ways to identify risk and manage personal safety in new social settings, workplaces, and environments, including online. H23. strategies for identifying risky and emergency situations, including online; ways to manage these and get appropriate help, including where there may be legal consequences (e.g. drugs and alcohol, violent crime and gangs). Slide/Video Information Trainer notes – what to discuss Have the video up on the screen, paused and ready to play. Before you start the delivery make sure the audience can see the video. Provide a brief introduction of yourself, role and the Safe4Summer campaign. Source/Activity Video Introduction could be as follows – Today we are going to show you a video with some safety tips by Rebecca Sutherland a Prevention Education Instructor from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to help you keep safe in and around grasslands. Rebecca will talk about:  The main causes of grassfire and moorland fires  What you can do to prevent a grassfire  The damage caused by grassfires Please watch and listen carefully as we will be asking you some questions later. Press play on video. PAUSE VIDEO… Presenter is to pause the video at the time 0:48 Q: Presenter to ask the audience what they know about the moorland fires and what they think are the most common causes of grassland fires? Video Question and Answer Provide praise for correct answers. Press play on the video and Rebecca will go through the answers. PAUSE VIDEO… Video Presenter is to pause the video at the direct time of 2:47. Presenter to repeat the question to the audience: Can you think of any other grassfires and how they started? Rebecca mentioned the Saddleworth Moor and Winter Hill moorland fires here is some further information. Saddleworth Moor - 2018 Fire first broke out on Saddleworth Moor, between Sheffield and Manchester, on 24th June 2018. The fire was extinguished later that same day but the next day, pockets of the fire re-ignited, probably from the burning of peat which had dried out deep; this began to burn out of control from 26th June, and a major incident was declared that day. By 27th June, the moorland fire had grown to cover over 2,000 acres. Rapidly changing wind speed and direction helped the fire to spread quickly across the dry moorland. 29 fire engines and more than 100 firefighters were at the scene of the fire. The fire was believed to have started due to hot and dry weather conditions, but the police did investigate it as arson as people were seen lighting a bonfire on the moors near Stalybridge on 24th June. Winter Hill – 2018 A large fire broke out on Winter Hill, north of Bolton on Thursday 28 June 2018. Initially, five fire engines from Greater Manchester and seven from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service were sent to tackle the blaze with specialist fire-fighting equipment. They were supported by firefighting teams from United Utilities and volunteers and vehicles from Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, and later other local volunteer teams including Lancaster Area Search and Rescue. By 2nd July 2018, the fire covered over six square miles with up to one hundred firefighters and more than 20 fire engines tackling the blaze. The fire was brought under control on 16th July, in total it had spread over 7 square miles. On 29th June 2018 a 22-yearold man was arrested for arson with intent to endanger life, on suspicion of starting the initial Winter Hill fire. Some other examples you may have seen or heard about on the news. Question and Answer Bushfires in Australia – 2019-2020 From September 2019 until March 2020, when the final fire was extinguished, Australia had one of the worst bush fire seasons in its recorded history. 2019 had been the hottest record year for Australia, with the bushfire season starting in June 2019. This caused massive damage throughout the country, with fires in each state and territory. The east coast experienced widespread destruction, some of it permanent damage, such as the burning of remnant rainforest. The fires burnt an estimated 18.6 million hectares (46 million acres. It is thought that the bushfir

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