H.E. SERVICES (PLANT HIRE) LTD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF HIRE 1. These Terms and Conditions are the only Terms and Conditions under which H.E. SERVICES GROUP companies hire out plant and conduct all other trading and these shall apply under all circumstances to all Hirers/customers including both account and non account holding customers with the exception of contract lifting operations where separate Terms & Conditions must be agreed prior to commencement. 2. Definitions relevant to these Terms and Conditions a. “H.E SERVICES” or “HE. GROUP LTD” shall mean H.E. GROUP LTD and/or Subsidiary and/or Associate companies. b. The “Hirer” is a firm, person, corporation, company or public authority including their representatives or successors who hire plant from or carry out business with H.E. SERVICES. c. “Plant” covers all types of equipment, vehicles, attachments, accessories, machinery and plant which H.E. SERVICES agrees to hire out to the Hirer. d. A “day” is unless otherwise stated in the Contract 8 (eight) consecutive hours in any working day. e. A “week” is classed as seven consecutive days. f. A “working week” is from the time started on Monday through to the finishing time on Friday. g. “Sale” is the sale of accessories, spare parts and consumables. The sale of either new or used equipment is subject to H.E. SERVICES separate Terms and Conditions of Sale, copies of which are available on request and displayed on our website. h. The headings in this document are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation. i. These Terms and Conditions shall be hereafter referred to as “H.E. SERVICES’ TERMS AND CONDITIONS”. 3. Contract Extent No conditions other than these shall be considered to form or to be incorporated into any Contract for hire or sale. H.E. SERVICES’ TERMS AND CONDITIONS will at all times be deemed to prevail over any condition(s) that the Hirer seeks to impose by whatever method unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of H.E. SERVICES. Where these Terms and Conditions conflict with any others, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail under all circumstances. 4. Placement of an Order/Acceptance of Plant on Site When the Hirer orders or the site accepts a piece of plant, unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of H.E. SERVICES, the Hirer is deemed to accept the plant on hire subject to H.E. SERVICES' TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 5. Responsibility for Personnel 1 of 17  H.E. GROUP LTD 2002 - 2019 Ref: T&C. 5th November 2021 Any personnel that H.E. SERVICES supplies to the Hirer are deemed to be under the control of the Hirer and should comply with all of their instructions. The Hirer is responsible for their compliance with all statutory rules and regulations with regard to any personnel supplied on the site as they are with their employees. 6. Loading and Unloading H.E. SERVICES shall not be responsible for any damage to any plant, equipment, surface or property whatsoever during the loading or unloading of the plant upon delivery or collection whether by H.E. SERVICES’ employees, the hirer or any other third party. 7. Condition on Delivery and Maintenance Inspection Reports a. All plant will be deemed to be in good order at the point of on-hire save for any fault not noticeable by reasonable examination or marked on the on-hire advice note, unless the Hirer notifies H.E. SERVICES to the contrary by telephone on the day of on-hire and confirms this in writing within three working days. The Hirer is responsible for the safekeeping, use in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the safe return on completion of the hire of any item of plant or accessory hired. b. The Hirer when hiring self drive must take all reasonable precautions to ensure they are aware of the continuing condition of the plant and the Hirer will be totally responsible for the safe use of the plant and the reporting of, and payment for, rectification of all damage (except for fair wear and tear) to the plant whilst the plant is on site. c. F91 Part 1 Section C inspection reports if necessary will be supplied to the Hirer upon request to H.E. SERVICES. These must be returned at the end of the hire or a charge will be made to the Hirer. d. When plant is delivered to site or collected from site and for whatever reason the H.E. SERVICES’ driver is unable to obtain a signature on the delivery/collection ticket the following shall apply: i. On delivery a copy of the unsigned delivery ticket wil

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