EXPRESSION OF WISH FOR PAYMENT OF DEATH GRANT GUIDANCE NOTES Under the Local Government Pension Scheme, should a member (whether an active member, deferred, or a pensioner) die, a lump sum may be payable. Since January 1998 members may nominate any individual person(s) and/or any unincorporated or incorporated body (e.g. charities or voluntary bodies) to receive any such lump sum death grant. Such a nomination is an expression of wish only. It is not binding on your administering authority, Aberdeen City Council, who have the discretion to pay the lump sum death grant to your nominee or executors or any person who appears, at any time, to have been your relative or dependent. Please note:  If you are an active member and you have a deferred benefit and/or a pension in payment from a previous period of LGPS membership, the lump sum death grant payable will either be in respect of those benefits or the death in service lump sum of three times your assumed pensionable pay, whichever is greater  If any part of the grant has not been paid by the second anniversary of your death, we must pay it to your executors  Expressing your wishes means that the lump sum can be paid out quickly, without waiting for your estate to be settled  If you marry or enter into a civil partnership, or your marriage or partnership ends, you will need to complete a new form to change or confirm your wishes  You may cancel or change your wish at any time - account will be taken of your wishes as expressed in the most recent notice  If you have more than one pensionable record with the NESPF, we will assume that you want your wishes to apply to all of them, unless you specifically indicate otherwise. You may choose to split any death grant between more than one beneficiary, for example two children at 50% each. You should list your wishes on the form overleaf, noting names, addresses, and the percentage share you wish them to receive. Please complete the percentage share column even if you are only naming one person or body, and ensure that the sum of the percentage shares is equal to 100%. Please ensure that the form is signed and dated before you return it to us. If you need more advice or guidance, please contact us at: Helpdesk: Email: Website: 01224 264 264 EXPRESSION OF WISH FOR PAYMENT OF DEATH GRANT Your Full Name Home Address: National Insurance Number: Date of Birth In the event of my death I wish the administrators of the LGPS to pay any lump sum death grant to which entitlement may arise by virtue of my membership of the Scheme to: Nominee 1 Full Name: Date of Birth Address: Relationship (if any): % Share of Benefit: Nominee 2: Full Name: Date of Birth: Address: Relationship (if any): % Share of Benefit: Nominee 3: Full Name: Date of Birth Address: Relationship (if any): % Share of Benefit: Total % Share (should be 100%): I understand that:  I may vary or cancel in writing at any time.  Aberdeen City Council is not bound by this expression of wish.  If I marry or enter into a civil partnership, or my marriage or partnership ends, I will need to complete another copy of this form to change or confirm my wishes. Signature: Date: Please return this form, duly signed, to: North East Scotland Pension Fund, Level 1, 2MSq, Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1LP Data Protection: The Fund collects and holds certain personal information about you which is required to administer your pension. This form will be retained as a record of your expression of wish for payment of death grant. All data is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). You can find out more about how your data is used and protected by reading our Privacy Notice available on our website.

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