Everything will be okay by lindsay 1. Cafeteria Chaos by lindsay 2. Buffy: Slayer of the trampliars??? by lindsay 3. Look at that lip.... by lindsay 4. The things you do to me by lindsay 5. Girl Heaven by lindsay 6. "Our veins: the glass they drink from" by lindsay 7. Trust by lindsay 8. 1902 by lindsay 9. Getting ready to party by lindsay 10. They did the mash..... by lindsay 11. They did the monster mash/ Graveyard smash by lindsay 12. Everything we do is perfect by lindsay 13. God help him by lindsay 14. He's Gone by lindsay 15. Ashes to ashes by lindsay 16. Commonplace by lindsay 17. A different need... by lindsay 18. Underneath...... by lindsay 19. Change of plans by lindsay 20. Primal part 1 by lindsay 21. Primal part 2 by lindsay 22. Are we so different? by lindsay 23. Alive by lindsay 24. Amends by lindsay 25. Dust to dust by lindsay 26. Epilogue by lindsay Cafeteria Chaos by lindsay Author's Notes: This fic is based on the show but their are obvious changes, twists......I hope you all like it :) William watched her, just like he always did on Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 12:00 p.m. It was the only class they had together. She sat exactly 1 seat ahead of him. Every history class he got to see her golden shoulder length hair and her glowing skin. Got to hear her feminine giggles and her sultry voice when she answered questions. Got to see her passing notes to her redheaded friend Willow and the boy Xander. He got to do so much every Tuesday, except the one thing he wanted to. Talk to her. He didn’t have the stones. He was a shy, quiet boy. With mousy brown hair that curled naturally and wire rimmed glasses. He got straight A’s and always wore his shirt tucked in. He was beneath her, just like he’d been beneath Cecily, when he’d been living in England. He’d moved to Sunnydale last year in grade 11. It was their senior year now and he still hadn’t said one word to her. She seemed to be in a world all her own. Rumor had it that she hung out in cemeteries with the british librarian and her friends while they did all sorts of satanic rituals. It was preposterous really. He had laughed at his only friend Andrew when he had told him. He lived with his mother, Jenny Calendar, just across the street from Buffy. His mom would often go and check on the girl. Her mother was dead and her father was always away on business. At least he seemed to take care of Buffy financially. She had everything a girl could ever want…..didn’t she? Buffy withheld a sigh. God she hated history. She was failing this class for sure. She’d have to find a tutor soon so that she could pass the midterm. She would ask Willow but the poor girl was already helping her with biology and math. She wouldn’t ask for another favor on top of that. She had tingles on the back of her neck and she knew that William was watching her again. She smiled to herself. He’d been ogling her for over a year now and yet had not uttered one single syllable her way. She supposed it was better that way. He seemed nice, sweet even. So nice and so sweet that she couldn’t even consider letting him into her life. He’d be dead by tomorrow night. Still, it might be nice…. The bell rang for lunch and everyone picked up their things to leave. Buffy turned around and gave the boy a small smile meant only for them. He blushed and walked out of the class with his head down. Buffy turned to her friends. “What do you think is on the menu today?” “Fishsticks.” Xander said proudly, after all it had only taken him four years to figure out the caf’s schedule. Both girls laughed and headed to their lockers while Xander headed to his. “So I take it you smiled at him again?” Willow teased, having seen the flushed William race out of class. “Ya.” A pause, “You know Wills, if things where different and I didn’t have to kick dirty demon ass every night I would ask him out.” “Really?” Willow squeaked in shock. “He doesn’t seem like your type Buffy.” “I know but there’s something about him ya know? He’s got these crazy blue eyes and such a nice smile, not that I’ve ever seen him give me one but he smiles with his friend Andrew a lot.” Willow sighed. It must be so hard for her friend, liking someone and knowing she couldn’t do anything about it because it would be like handing him to the reaper on a silver platter. “I’m sorry that things are like this for you Buffy.” Her friend said sincerely. After all she had Oz an

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