THE PARISH OF ST ANNE, STANLEY AND ST PAUL, STONEYCROFT Revd Canon Emma Williams Vicar Chair of Governors The Vicarage, 28 Brookland Road West, Liverpool, L13 3BQ 31st August 2021 Dear Parents and Carers APOLOGIES FOR SUCH SHORT NOTICE: NEW TERM DELAYED UNTIL THURSDAY 9th SEPTEMBER It is fair to say that the past year, and even longer, has been particularly difficult. I wanted to write personally as Chair of Governors, but also as a parent to two pupils of St Annes, to say that I hoped you and your families have managed to have some relaxing time off over the summer holidays and that hopefully, your young people are as keen to get back into school life in St Annes as mine are! Over the summer some major building works have taken place, sadly increasingly inevitable in a building of an age as ours is, some delays have occurred which are completely out of our control and despite assurances that all works would be completed that is not the case, so sadly this delay to our new term has happened. The works has meant that some additional propping has been added in the classrooms and corridors. Whilst this propping does not look particularly pleasant, the affect it will have on the teaching of our young minds will be absolutely minimal and I‘m sure soon will be decorated with artwork and other examples of the brilliance that our young minds can create and compose. Mrs Simons and myself have had several meetings throughout the holidays and have been assured that the building works have been on track. Unfortunately, it was only today that we were informed that this was not the case. We are both truly sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause yourselves and wish to assure you that we have been doing everything possible to get our school open again. All classes, except Nursery, will return to school on Thursday 9th September. For the time being Year 4 will begin their school year in St Anne’s Church Hall. When this has happened previously the pupils have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences with the extra space and amenities available. School drop off for year 4 children at Church will be 9.15am and collection at 3.30pm. If your child is in breakfast club, please continue to utilise this facility in school and staff will walk your child down to Church hall ready for class. Equally, if your child is in afterschool club, they will be walked back to school for you to collect from school as usual. The ultimate aim for the governors is the pursuing of a new school building, and this is now being actively sought in conjunction with Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Diocese. This new school build will of course take the sourcing of funds as well as time and as with life, there are no certainties, but we are hopeful that this will happen. So, there are exciting times ahead, not least now, as we start this new school year with fresh hopes of a COVID free academic year, where all our pupils can be together, learning to the best of their abilities and becoming the very best individuals that we all know them to be. THE PARISH OF ST ANNE, STANLEY AND ST PAUL, STONEYCROFT With sincere apologies for the very short notice and our thanks for your continued support in all of this, Revd Canon Emma Williams Vicar: St Anne, Stanley and St Paul, Stoneycroft. Chair of Board of Governors St Anne (Stanley) Primary School

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