LEAVE OF ABSENCE GUIDANCE NOTE (This guidance note does not cover annual leave or leave for sickness, maternity, paternity or adoption) Produced by Schools’ HR Tel: 0151 233 3901 www.schoolimprovementlimited.co.uk This document has been consulted centrally and fully agreed by teaching and support staff trade unions. To change any aspect of this policy at a school level, the relevant body must consult appropriately with school staff and their recognised trade union representatives. DOCUMENT STATUS Version Version 1 Version 2 Revision 1 Revision 2 Date 2004 2013 1/1/2016 12/12/2017 5/2/2017 14/5/2020 22/9/2021 Action Policy updated, reformatted and re-circulated Updated to include time off for Anti Natal Appointments Time off for Non-Regular Forces updated to be in line with LCC policy Parental Leave arrangements updated to reflect changes to statutory entitlement Revised to include Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Regulations. Agreed at JCC 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 From time to time employees may require time away from work to deal with personal issues. Employment law entitles certain employees leave of absence to deal with these issues provided they meet certain criteria. There will also be circumstances when employees request leave of absence which is not covered by employment law and the governing body has the discretion to consider any such requests. In normal circumstances this will be delegated to the Head teacher. 1.2 This guidance will assist the governing body in deciding whether to grant leave of absence, if so, how much time to grant and whether this is paid or unpaid leave. The examples included are not an exhaustive list. 1.3 For the purposes of applying a maximum approval for leave of absence requested, the academic year will be used commencing on 1 September and finishing on 31 August. 1.4 In making decisions on requests for leave of absence, the Head Teacher / Chair of Governors can take into account the difficulty and cost of obtaining supply cover and the organisational needs of the school. 1.5 Schools should have internal processes in place to record, monitor and inform their payroll provider (where necessary) of requests and decisions. 1.6 Where employees have an annual leave entitlement, consideration should be given to allow that member of staff to use their annual leave in the first instance. 2. MEDICAL 2.1 Doctor, Dental and Hospital Appointments. 2.1.1 Employees should attempt to make doctor, dental and hospital appointments in nonworking time wherever possible. Where appointments have to be made in work time they should be made to ensure minimal disruption to attendance at work. This time should be given with pay. 2.1.2 Official documentation should accompany any requests for time off for doctor, dental and hospital appointments, however, this can be redacted to protect patient confidentiality. If employees are unable to produce a valid appointment card/letter, Governors can request written verification from their doctor, dentist or hospital consultant confirming the attendance. 2.1.3 Where the employee has to attend a series of appointments for on going treatment, they should inform the school as soon as possible. 2.1.4 Where an employee attends a medical appointment that lasts the whole day, this should be recorded as a medical appointment. 2.1.5 If an employee attends an appointment that subsequently renders them unfit to return to work, this should be recorded as sickness absence. 2. 2.1.5 2.2 Abuse of medical leave absence (eg using time granted for a medical appointment for another purpose) may lead to disciplinary action being taken. Cancer Screening Employees should be granted paid time off in order to attend cancer screening appointments where an appointment cannot be made outside of normal working hours, but will be required to give reasonable notice of the appointment and must produce an appointment card or letter. 2.3 IVF Treatment / Fertility Treatment Employees may be granted paid time off to attend one round of IVF or fertility treatment, and will be required to give the school as much notice as possible and produce their appointment card or letter. Further time off will be at the discretion of the school / governing body. 2.4 Surgery Employees who choose to undergo surgeries performed for non medical reasons, would not normally be granted leave of absence. 3. DOMESTIC LEAVE OF ABSENCE 3.1 Dependants Leave 3.1.1 Employment law also al

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