EASTER BUNNY STOPS WITH THE EAST DEER RECREATION BOARD AND THE EAST DEER VOL. FIREMAN APRIL 9TH, 2022 JUNIORS, FREEPORT ROAD -------------------------------------AM 9:00 UPPER MARION STREET -------------------------------------AM 9:20 LOWER MARION STREET FIRE PRO, FREEPORT ROAD -------------------------------------AM 9:40 -------------------------------------AM 10:00 MURRAY HILL ESTATES, OLD MURRAY HILL & YOST DRIVE----10:20 AM MEADOW STREET FRONT STREET PARSONAGE STREET -------------------------------------AM -------------------------------------AM ------------------------------------AM BAILIES RUN & DAYS RUN INTERSECTION ----------------------AM W 9TH & CRYSTAL VIEW DRIVE -----------------------------------PM 10:40 11:00 11:20 11:40 12:00 GRECO’S -----------------------------------PM 12:20 BELLVIEW STREET BY MUNICIPAL BUILDING --------------------12:40 PM

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