Thanks so much for your interest in our program, and for taking the time to tour with us today. Little Drool : 10402 Ridgland Road Phone: 410-628-7625(ROCK) Fax: 410-628-7626 Big Drool : 532 Cranbrook Road Phone: 410-667-7625(ROCK) Fax: 410-667-7626 Owings Mills : 10 Easter Court Phone: 410-363-7625(ROCK) Fax: 410-363-4698 DIRECTORS Cockeysville: Dani Reed - [email protected] Owings Mills: Amy Thompson - [email protected] WARNING: You may leave Drool of Rock with the “Drool of Rock Fever”. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to:      Crazy responses from children, such as kicking and screaming, because they’re not ready to leave the building. The feeling of regression in age as adults, and the nagging wish to be younger so you too can spend your days here. Crazy, intense dreams about your child on our stage, ROCKIN’ their BIG world. Overwhelming thoughts and feeling that your child is far cooler than everyone else’s you know. The satisfaction of knowing that your child’s confidence and happiness is soaring. Treatment: Enroll today and know that your child will live, love, learn and ROCK! We aren’t just a childcare center… we are an unforgettable experience. For more information, visit us on the web at Or like us on facebook at TUITION: Age DAILY RATE T / TH Weekly T / TH Monthly MWF Weekly MWF Monthly FULL TIME Monthly $1815.67 DROP IN DAY RATE $1361.75 FULL TIME Weekly $419 6 weeks – 2 years 2 years 3 years – 5 years $104.75 $209.00 $905.67 $314.25 $87.25 $77.25 $174.50 $154.50 $756.17 $669.50 $261.75 $231.75 $1134.25 $1004.25 $349 $309 $1512.34 $1339. 89.50 $79.50 $107.50 Children ages 2-5 will have an activity fee processed on the first of the month: Part Time = $12.50 / month Full Time = $25 / month Children in Purple Rain B, All the Young Dudes, Wildflowers and VooDoo Children attending care on Thursdays will have an activity fee of $10 Drool of Rock ONLY accepts Credit Card Payments. A credit card authorization form is required upon enrollment. Cards on file will be debited weekly, biweekly or monthly. A $25 late fee will be applied for past due tuition payments. TUITION IS DUE REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. This applies to sick days, personal days, vacations, holidays, inclement weather closings and breaks of any kind. TWO WEEK’S NOTICE: Drool of Rock requires a written two week notice before withdrawing your child from our program. Tuition will be two for two weeks after the dated letter or email. Access to your account information can be found at Please use your email on file to log in and create a password. Tuition increases approximately $10/week ($2.50/day) in the spring every year. HOURS & LATE PICKUPS: Monday thru Friday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm We understand that life happens and there can be occasional parents picking up after business hours. Please note the following times and fees associated with pickups occurring after 6:00pm. 6:00 – 6:05 = Grace Period 6:06 – 6:30 = $1/ minute (starting at $6) 6:31 – 6:45 = $15 / minute Pickups after 6:45 could result in enrollment termination Frequent late pickups can also result in enrollment termination. Late pickups will be documented by closing staff and the person picking up is responsible for the fees involved. Payments must be made within 48 hours, preferably in cash, and given directly to the staff member caring for your child after hours, or to management in an envelope labeled with the staff members name or the date the late pickup occurred so it can be distributed to the appropriate staff members. If the late fee is not paid within 48 hours, there will be a $10 fee added to the total. Refusal to pay a late fee can also lead to enrollment termination. We love your little ones so very much. As management, we also love our teachers and need to respect and compensate for any of the staff’s personal and family time that is affected by late pickups. OUR CURRICULUM: Toddlers – In this class we will begin introducing circle time routines and songs. Daily art projects will also be infused into their schedule. Preschoolers – Schedule includes circle time, weekly themes, daily writing exercises and art projects. K-Prep – Our days are packed with learning games, small group work, sight words, math fun, science and art. Children will be assessed three times a year (October, February and June). Parent teacher conferences will be scheduled every June and av

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