DRESS CODE 2021-2022 Philosophy These dress guidelines will help maintain an atmosphere that encourages learning. Within these guidelines, students have the opportunity to express themselves as unique creations of God with individual styles of dress. Students should dress in conformance with common expectations for their gender. Note: The definition of gender is included in the Statement of Belief on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality from ADF/LCMS. Parental support and cooperation is essential to maintain these standards. Students should dress modestly, neatly, and avoid extremes in dress that could distract from learning. Clothing and accessories should reflect the mission and values of Lutheran Westland, and shall not encourage, promote, or reference any individual, product, message, or values that are contrary to biblical truths. Students are always expected to be dressed modestly and good taste. Clothing or accessories shall never reference drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. These dress standards are expected before school, after school, and at all school activities. Teams and other school groups representing the school are expected to be in dress code when they travel outside of school. Consequences The school may reprimand, give detentions, suspend, and even expel a student who does not cooperate or comply with dress code standards. Guidelines Pants/Shorts/Skirts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. No blue denim jeans (Friday’s only), shorts, skirts, or bib overalls. Colored jeans, other than blue, are permitted. No flannel, pajama, mesh, vinyl, sweat, jogging, nylon, camouflage, yoga or leather pants, shorts or skirts. Modest cut dress shorts may be worn up to November 30th and after March 1. No cutoffs, athletic shorts, gym shorts, blue jean shorts, or spandex may be worn. Dress, short and skirt hemlines must be within 3” above the knee while standing. The 3” rule also applies while wearing tights, etc. underneath as well as when walking (skirt/dress MUST stay in its place and not ride up). This also applies to skirts with a lace/sheer overlay. No tight or form fitting pants (for men or women) (i.e. skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, etc.) Tops 1. No printed ads, numbers, letters, or sayings. Logos less than 3” x 5” are allowed. No T-shirts with pictures or print may be visible underneath shirts or blouses. Camouflage tops are not permitted. 2. Straight cut shirts and blouses that are not too baggy or lengthy may be untucked. All shirts with buttons, must be buttoned. Any tops showing must be in dress code. 3. Sweatshirts, jerseys, tank tops, thermal underwear or T-shirts (of any kind) are not permitted. 4. Material that is clinging, tight, form fitting or immodest is not permitted. Bareback tops, crop tops, tank tops and bare midriffs are not permitted. If the material is see through, the tank top worn underneath must have straps at least 2” wide and covering entire midriff. 5. Undergarments may not be exposed or visible through any type of clothing.. 6. Men: Shirts must have a fold-over collar and/or buttons and sleeves. Up to 2 buttons may be unbuttoned provided that by unbuttoning them the dress remains modest and in good taste. 7. Women: Sleeveless tops/dresses must have straps that are at least 2” wide, including cold shoulder or off the shoulder tops/dresses. 8. Sweaters and fleece tops are permitted if they are “sweater-like’ and not “jacket-like.” Hoods are not permitted. 9. ¼ Zip pullovers are permitted to be worn and are considered to be a dress code top. Dri-fit pullover may have ¼ zipper at the top and Fleece pullovers may be ¼ or full zip. Outerwear not permitted. Hoods are not permitted. 10. Outdoor jackets are not to be worn in the building. OVER Hair, Jewelry and Other 1. Hair has to have a neat appearance and be of a God given color. No extreme hair color or designs. Hair may not be hanging in the eyes and/or face or excessively over the ears or below the top of a shirt collar (for the men). 2. No visible tattoos or visible body piercing are permitted. 3. No outdoor wear: sunglasses, scarves, gloves, hats, mittens, hoods, capes, bandanas or jackets. Shoes must be kept on. No slippers or “slipper-like” footwear are allowed. 4. No chained jewelry or wallets. 5. Blankets and sleepwear are not permitted (except during sanctioned “dress up days”). 6. Men: No Earrings. No hair ties or headbands. Must be clean-shaven. Sideburns can extend only to the bottom of the ear. No ponytails or man buns. 7. Face masks: Mask desi

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