There is NO accompanying PowerPoint for this assembly – sorry! 12. Easter…..Outdoors! Age range: Primary Theme: This assembly of the term and features, not unexpectedly, the Easter account. You may need to tailor this script to suit the needs, age range & levels of concerns of your school community, which of course includes adults as well as children. We would encourage you to choose a day when it is fine (or not raining, at any rate!) so that you can join together outside to celebrate this most important of Christian festivals. There is no accompanying PowerPoint for this week, or video, but there are lots of links in the Easter materials sent to schools. If you need something more traditional than this, then there are several examples on the Diocesan website. How does this link to your school’s Christian vision & values? This week, the focus is on the importance of the Easter narrative to Christians at this time of year – and how it reflects such a spectrum of emotions. Resources:       Because this collective worship takes place outdoors, the Calendar of Kindness is not linked within this script. We are grateful for ideas developed by the Go Team in the Diocese of Bath and Wells, which helped with this collective worship. Their booklet of resources can be found here: 10-Ideas-for-Easter2021.pdf ( Jane has also created a reflective walk for all ages around 10 ‘stops’ similar to the idea from Bath & Wells. You can find this on the Diocesan website, and might like to make it available to families in your school community There are also some great Easter outdoors ideas here: Resources | muddychurch and Easter trails here: EASTER RESOURCES | Together at Home ( There are two different routes that you could take for this collective worship outdoors: Scavenger Hunt, or Easter Story Stones. Both options will need you to gather some natural resources, as listed in the ‘Preparation’ section for each. It’s important that you encourage children to use ‘fallen’ items rather than picking living things. If you are not sure that you’ll have enough to scavenge around your school premises, you could give the list as ‘homework’ so that children bring from their home environment – or scavenged on a family walk. You can also buy bags of pebbles from garden centres – or use stone shapes cut out of paper. Both options use the same 5 ‘readings’ which tell the story from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. Option 1 – Scavenger Hunt: Each child will need to have gathered some natural resources from your school grounds before you start this collective worship: this is outlined in the ‘Preparation’ section of the script. The symbol shows how children will use each different resource. There will also be some things to think about for each part. Option 2 – Easter Story Stones: Each child will need to have gathered 5 stones. These should be of a size that children can draw on. Click on the link to look at an example of a generic set that someone has created: Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Make Your Own Bible Story Stones This option could be run indoors as well. To listen to: Use whatever songs from your school’s Easter collection are appropriate for you – you may be singing, signing or listening. If you are outdoors, you may decide not to sing at all! – or to bless your neighbours with a rendition of Spring Chicken or similar! If you’re stuck, try:  Remember Me: Easter Song - Remember Me! - YouTube  Hosanna Rock: Yancy & Little Praise Party - Hosanna Rock [OFFICIAL PRESCHOOL MUSIC VIDEO] Palm Sunday Song - YouTube Additional material for this week might be: (see Appendix Three for question starters to unpack the Bible content.) Use different retellings of the Easter story during the week – or videos. There are lots of links in the materials you already have! Ideas to build spirituality, at school and at home:    There are many ideas for Easter in the list of resources on the Diocesan website and lots of different ways of telling the story. Re-use your materials from the scavenger hunt to create a picture of part of the Easter narrative (either indoors or outdoors) Prayer Spaces in Schools have some excellent resources for Easter: Easter prayer activities_PrayerSpacesInSchools.pdf ‘Kingdom Living’ Collective Worship: Easter Spring 2021 ©  Watch Patti Rokus create the Easter story out of stones. There are lots of separate creations here: Easter Week in Rocks - Jesus Holy Week Bible S

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