J – B-ROLL SHEET Soundbites: Manuela Baroni, JUICE AIT & Launcher interface Engineer, BR001 10:00:00:00 ESA 10:00:05:00 10:00:28:20 10:01:46:04 10:03:12:05 April 2022 - Airbus Defence & Space, Toulouse, France English JUICE is the Jupiter icy moon explorer. So is the first large mission of the Cosmic Vision programme of European Space Agency and has the objective to study the Jupiter system and three of the Galilean moons, three icy moons, which are Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. So, JUICE has been developed by a huge industrial consortium to build the spacecraft itself, and which is made 95 percent by European companies. It's about over a hundred companies from Europe and about the five percent of contribution from United States. JUICE embarks 10 scientific payloads, and the payloads are the contribution from leading funding agencies, which are the space agencies. So in particular, we have CNES, there is the Italian space agency, DLR, German Space Agency, there is the UK Space Agency, the Swedish space agency. We have also contribution in instruments and other contributions from NASA, as well as from JAXA and also from the Israeli space agency. And each of these scientific consortiums is built by other institutions from all over Europe. So we have a small contribution from Austria, from Belgium, from euhm.. it is a European wide consortium. So in particular, we have Airbus France, which is the main contractor to build the spacecraft. The contribution of France goes also beyond the prime contractor ship of the spacecraft. We have also some navigation units which are contributed from France. And as I was mentioning, there is also one of the instruments and other and other units from the Italian space agency. We have several units, for example, the high gain antenna is from Italy. The RIME spacecraft is made under the leadership of of Italy, for example for the Italian space agency. There are many other units. We have a great contribution, for example, also from Spain with, for example, with the Medium gain antenna. We have also the extensible boom, which hosts the magnetic sensors. There are other contributions from Germany who was part of the core team that is building the spacecraft. They did also the integration before the spacecraft was arriving in Toulouse. And basically, we I mean, we can go into the details of the Europe of the consortium, but basically all the nations have provided a contribution to JUICE. The scientific objectives of JUICE are multiple. So, first of all, we have humanity always poses itself a question:'Are we alone in the universe? Is there life outside Earth." To respond to this question? First, we need to answer to another question: "are there environments where life can be sustained before going in search for life?" And this is one of the main objective for JUICE to search if on the environment, on the ocean world of Europa and Ganymede, there are the conditions to sustain life. Now, from the past missions, we know that some of these conditions are fulfilled and we are going ot and want to go with JUICE to investigate even deeper and to make sure that these conditions are are there. And this condition, is, for 10:05:15:13 10:06:08:18 10:07:00:08 10:07:54:11 10:08:22:21 example, there is water, there is liquid water. There is a source of energy inside the planet. So there is energy. There are the chemical compounds which are needed to sustain life. The life, as we know so based on carbon and is a protected, it is a stable environment because is under the crust of the moons. So once these four elements are fulfilled, there is the probability that life would be sustained outside Earth is very high. The other objective of JUICe is to study the Jupiter system in its integrity, as seen as a miniaturised solar system, if you want. We have a gas giant with the bodies that go around the around this body. And studying, the interaction of the of the gas giant with these bodies, we can understand better, for example, the development of our solar system, how it was born, how it works, and etc.. The Cosmic Vision programme has the objective of studying also other worlds, so it would be complementary to future missions, to a mission currently in development like plato, like Ariel, like SMILE and be complimentary with a future mission which we envision for the study of Venus with Athena, for example, for the study of the Year of the Universe, with Lisa for the study of the gravitational waves.

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