Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Resilience (USER) Summer Research Programme USER Summer Research Scholarship Student Application Form Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Resilience (USER) is a summer research programme at the University of Canterbury coordinated by QuakeCoRE: The NZ Centre for Earthquake Resilience (www.quakecore.nz). The aim of the USER programme is to provide multi-disciplinary research opportunities for UC undergraduate students to become exposed to various aspects of earthquake resilience problems. The programme will run for 10 weeks: 15 Nov–17 Dec 2021 and 3 Jan–4 Feb 2022. Applications close midday Fri, 13th August 2021. The USER programme welcomes participants from all disciplines who are interested in earthquake resilience. Please type responses into the grey boxes below – these will expand as you type Your name: Your student number (e.g. 12345678): Your current e-mail address: Outline your experience relevant to the USER Programme for 2021-22, e.g., coursework, interests, other relevant information (max 200 words). What is your current level of study (in 2021)? Please attach a copy of your academic transcript to your application. This does not have to be an official transcript – if you are a UC student you can “cut and paste” from the UC Student Web. 1 What are your plans for 2022? Are you planning on completing a Master’s or PhD? If so please provide a brief outline (100 words max) of your intended topic/area of research. I have read the details of the USER project for which I have applied and I am able to fulfil the requirements of the project. Yes No E-mail this application form and a copy of your transcript together to brendon.bradley@canterbury.ac.nz and Christopher.mcgann@canterbury.ac.nz Please add your surname to the name(s) of the file(s) that you submit so we can distinguish between applicants. 2

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