JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title Salary Band Directorate / Service Responsible To Responsible For Political Restriction Contract Local Energy Hub Programme Co-ordinator £36,953 - £40,384 (SCP 33-36) Strategic Delivery Lead Officer – Housing Partnerships N/A None Two-year fixed term 1. Primary Purpose of the Post The Local Energy Hub Programme Coordinator will support delivery of the Local Energy North West Hub Programme by coordinating activity across a regional Local Energy Hub Team that is based within the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and Partner Organisations. The Programme Coordinator will support the Head of Regional programme to promote the objectives and outcomes of the programme. This will include reporting progress to government, North West Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities and elected officials. The Local Energy Hub Programme Co-ordinator will rely on strong programme management capabilities to align local energy hub activities. These activities include the local energy hubs work to develop a North West energy project pipeline, to provide project management support to local government public sector building decarbonisation, to provide grant funding for housing retrofit, to advice organisations on green finance, and to working with planners, energy networks and industry on heat decarbonisation and local area energy master planning. The Programme Coordinator will help enable partner organisations to take action on the climate emergency by convening events for local government and the energy sector supply chain. They will prepare briefings and case studies to raise awareness of regional and national funding opportunities. 2. Key Role Specific Responsibilities Programme Coordination  Support the Head or Regional Programme and local energy hub team to deliver the Local Energy Hub Programme  Manage the Energy Hubs collaborative activities including co-ordination of an energy project pipeline, budget management, reporting and evaluation.  Support the design and implementation of new programme activities  To deputise for the Energy Hub Manager when required Stakeholder Engagement  Convene regional meetings and events to raise awareness and share knowledge  Manage a network of local government contacts.  Update material on the local energy hub website.  Develop briefings and case studies promoting local energy hub activities and outcomes  Represent the local energy hub as stakeholder at energy industry events  Help local government keep abreast of energy sector and climate policy trends  Help raise awareness of grant funding and green finance options available to projects  Support engagement with businesses and third sector organisations to promote action on local and community energy. Programme Monitoring and Reporting  Report to the Head of Regional programme and collate evidence to support the allocation of resources to potential projects.  Ensure that delivery, reputational, financial, technical and environmental risks associated with the programme are effectively managed.  Lead on reporting programme progress and outputs in line with the established governance arrangements and agreed timescales and protocols.  Prepare progress updates and record the meetings of the Energy Hub Management Board General Corporate Responsibilities 3.  Ensure the Local Energy North West Team supports the Combined Authority to achieve corporate plans and mitigate strategic risks.  To support the five Local Enterprise Partnership areas in the North West of England to consider housing retrofit as part of economic growth and local industrial strategy and align with other strategic activities.  In line with the respective role to ensure ‘joined up’ policy and practice across areas of the north west region.  To operate in a manner that places citizens first, adopts a can-do approach and focuses on communities and working locally.  To work with public and other relevant bodies to support North West Region’s communities through policy and delivery that addresses local concerns.  To participate in all aspects of training and development as directed and to use all relevant learning opportunities to improve personal skills to improve effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.  To ensure the Combined Authority’s commitment to equal opportunities is demonstrated through promoting non-discriminatory practices in all aspects of work undertaken.  W

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