Towradgi Public School Carters Lane FAIRY MEADOW 2519 Phone: 4284 4527 Fax: 4284 8826 Email: Principal: Mrs. Jacqui Cavill 9th February 2022 Meet the Teacher – Zoom Sessions We invite parents and carers to a ‘Welcome to 2022’ information session to provide information about your child/children’s class routines and planned activities for the year ahead. This is a general meeting for the purpose of sharing information about the class routines and expectations. If you require a more individualised meeting you are encouraged to make an appointment for another meeting with the teacher. The ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings will only be available on Zoom. Parent/carer attendance is strongly encouraged as these sessions are informative and are a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and learn more about their class routines. Times and dates for each class are detailed below: Class Date/Time Early Stage 1 Wombats Monday 21st February – 3.30pm Stage 1 Echidnas & Starfish Tuesday 22nd February – 3.30pm Stage 2 Stingrays, Lyrebirds & Kookaburras Wednesday 23rd February – 3.30pm Stage 3 Goannas & Orcas Thursday 24th February – 3.30pm Please note: Pelican class teachers will meet individually with the parent/carers of their students. Zoom Meeting Details Join Zoom meeting Meeting ID: 629 7576 9429 Passcode: tops Jacqui Cavill Principal

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