Transcript Numeracy Webinar Series: The Building Blocks for Effective Mathematics Lessons Duration 1:31:20 The views expressed here are those of the individuals involved, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership. NARISSA LEUNG: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Numeracy Webinar Series. Thank you for waiting two minutes for us to get sorted. We just had our captioner coming on board. So tonight we are looking at the second of the Numeracy Webinar Series. Welcome back to any repeat offenders who came to the first one where we talked about things like growth mindset, maths anxiety, all those types of things. So tonight we're talking about the building blocks for effective mathematics lessons. Before we begin, I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which we all come to this meeting tonight. I pay my respects to Elders past and present and thank them for the care they've taken of this country over countless generations. I was lucky enough to spend the weekend running around the Grampians - what a beautiful place - and very happy to be running around on Country over there. So my name is Narissa Leung. I am an education consultant in Victoria. You can see my contact details there. I'm @rissL on Twitter. I also have this - and this was born out of a teacher in a school asking if I had a website they could follow to find good texts to use for literacy and numeracy instruction. So that's my OzLitTeacher on Instagram and Facebook and my email is also there. Thanks to all those people who have emailed me after the last webinar. I do really find it useful to find out what you've implemented since last time, 1 what you found useful. Also thank you to those people who filled out the feedback from last time. We really try to take on board all of the feedback, the form that the lovely Laura sends out afterwards. So if you are new to this webinar series, basically how it runs is I have split the content into three sections, but we know from all of the research around effective learning that we need to have a conversation in order for you to comprehend what we're talking about. So to enable that, we've got a Padlet. If you haven't used a Padlet before, you just put in that address that's on the screen. Laura has also emailed out the address to that Padlet and basically we encourage you to put your thoughts on that Padlet. If you have any resources or websites or books or lessons or anything like that that's relevant to the content that we're talking about, then you pop it in there and then we get to share it and together we will build our content knowledge across the State. The fantastic thing about the Padlet is it stays there after tonight. So if people put some great resources in there and you think, “Oh, wow, I really want to go back and find what those resources were”, or if you think, “Oh, my goodness, I couldn't keep up with all the chatter going on in there”, that's totally fine, you can go back after tonight and go back through it at your own pace and access some of those resources. So it was really terrific to see how active you all were in the Padlet last time. I see lots of you have already introduced yourselves in the Padlet. I see the girls have just introduced themselves – hello, girls - and I am encouraging you - if you’re a repeat, so if you came to the last session, I would love you to put in there what have you trialled since last time because it's great to come to the webinars and sit there for the afternoon, and maybe you're with a whole staff, as a few schools are, but what have you implemented since last time, what have you trialled or what have you thought about? So I'd love to hear your thoughts on that in the chat. So that's the address for the Padlet. Looking forward to all of your contributions. So tonight you will have seen on the Bastow website we're talking about three different things. The first we're going to talk about is the four mathematics proficiencies, then we're going to go on to explicit vocabulary instruction in relation to mathematics, and we're going to finish off with learning intentions and success criteria specific to mathematics. So hopefully by now you've done lots of learning on learning intentions and success criteria, but tonight we're going to focus and have a look at some example ones for maths. Speaking of, here's our Understanding Goals. So you'll deepen your understanding of the four maths proficienc

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