MOR REPORT 4904 Waters Edge Dr., Suite 295, Raleigh, 27606 919-851-3000 May 5th, 2021 VOL. 21. ISSUE 35 MOR Contact Info: MOR Financial MOR @ Riverwood MOR @ Ravenscroft MOR @ Ravenscroft MOR @ Ravenscroft MOR @ Ravenscroft MOR@Ravenscroft MOR @Silverton MOR @Silverton MOR@ Raleigh MOR@Raleigh MOR Head Coach MOR @ Raleigh MOR @ Raleigh Keri Cleary John Fischetti Cara Cameron Natalie Grothe Billy Thorne Kevin Donnelly Mike Laubacher Austin Goldstein Lindsay Takkunen Jonathan Watson Darryl Buda Paul Silver Hannah Close Johnny Thonn “DEVELOPING CHAMPION ATHLETES AND CITIZENS THROUGH COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN SWIMMING” 15 MOR SWIMMERS WIN EVENTS AT CINCO DE MAYO MEET 114 Marlin swimmers represented MOR in events at the Cinco De Mayo meet this past weekend in Cary. MOR swimmers with event winning performances: Elyse Johnson, Shayna Elgart, Chloe Light, Isabella Grossi, Louisa Wendt, Vera Chandler, Stella West, Cole Harclerode, Glen Gimpl, Alexi Cady, Evan Nichols, James Cotham, Ivylynn Spruill, Chloe Marks, and Patterson Falck. Others with top eight performances: Devon Whitlock, Hadley Penny, Ella Rigot, Leonardo Onari, Calvin Meintel, Rigs Helmedag, Owen Ragsdale, Sammy Watkins, Calvin Wheeler, Karis McElya, Tyson Ceglowski, Jenna Sinanis, Delanee Williams, Reese Roper, Molly Ray, Brett Umnus, Sommer Murray, Eva Klecha, Riley Shoemaker, Embrey Zola, Macy Davidson, Chelsea Cotham, Natalie Irish, Everett McKone, Nicholas Stepanian, Olivia Edwards, Marissa Locklear, Macy Davidson, Natalie Weaver, Allyson Deans, Sophie Yoon, Coleman Nelson, Cameron Bescher, Harrison Balance Jack Croom, Lucas McFarland, Collin Camp, Samuel Rigot, Olive Gage, McCauley Sural, Eleanor Donovan, Phoebe Bosch, Cora Levine, Kate Ragsdale, Greyson Duncan, Nathaniel Johnson, Cole Nelson, Kody Parrish, Zach Briddell, Embrey Zola, Brooke Adkins, Dennis Greenway III, Everett McKane, Matthew Boyce, Emerson Carver, Jiya Das, Savannah Lock, Ryan Rimmele, and Ismael Gelabert. Congratulations to all swimmers! The next meet up is the Spring Invite LC meet or the LC meet in Goldsboro in two weeks. MOR SENIORS EXCEL AT HOKI INVITE 34 of our fastest MOR swimmers competed at Virginia Tech this past weekend against some very fast college and pros. MOR competed tough particularly at finals, getting some much needed and long awaited long course competition in. Top 8 Finishers include: Stefanie Burgess, Caroline Crouse, MaKayla Ciancanelli, Kyra Dalbo, Ashley Hughes, Natalie Hughes, Genna Joyce, Caroline Kozubowski, Sam Miller, Anna Newman, Tate Bacon, JJ Chapman, Nathan Herman, Tull Perkins, Jac Reville, Ryan Silver, Christian Smith, Owen VonWeihe, Ryan VonWeihe Top16 Finishers include: Olivia Boulware, Sophie Boulware, Emily Campbell, Sydney Hartis, Miko Takei, Michaela Teachey, Torin Doherty, Mason Hetzell, David Quaresma, Will Vincent, Wells Walker, Lucas Wilson. The MOR seniors will be back in the water on May 14th at either Atlanta Classic or the Spring Invite in Cary. Way to go MOR! 45 MOR SWIMMERS FINISH IN TOP8 AT SUNFLOWER CLASSIC MEET IN VIRGINIA 72 MOR swimmers age 9-17 attended the 2021 Helen Wang Sunflower Classic on April 30-May 1 in Stafford, Virginia at the Jeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center for two days of long course competition with swimmers from North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. Eight MOR swimmers finished in first place in one or more events including triple event winners Kaylee Dietrich (11F) who won the 100m Breast, 200m Breast and 100m Butterfly and Raston Sharron (12M) who won the 50m, 100m and 200m Breaststroke events. Double winners included Saylor Penny (14M), who won the 400m IM, 800m Free; Mattaus Rammel (12M), winner of the 50m and 200m Fly; Kaleb James (13M) first in the 200m IM and 100m Breast; and Wilson Tuttle (15M) who took first in the 400m IM and 800m Free. Additionally Drew Davis (14M) won the 13-14 400m Free; and Jack Wallace (14M) won the 13-14 50m Free. In addition to the event winners mentioned, 37 MOR swimmers finished in the top-8 individual event finishers. These swimmers included—Justin Arens (14); Isabella Buff (12); Charlie Camplin (12); Gian

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