Naivasha KSPCA 2020 report for the AGM 24/04/21 I salute you all and I hope all is well with you. I want to thank all members of the KSPCA Kenya for your attendance in today’s Annual general meeting and more importantly for being members of KSPCA. It is by this virtue that we are still in existence for the good work in the communities around us and beyond. Please follow our social media platforms for details of our day to day work. The statistics for 2020 (which will be sent with the report via e mail) reflect what was captured in our records but I believe the unrecorded cases bear witness that we do much more than is shown in the books. We have the happiest animals in our Naivasha KSPCA shelter that enjoy the good care of the staff. On a day to day basis numerous numbers of animals have benefited from the investigations we conduct, rescues, spays and neuter campaigns, vet references & links, and valuable advice given to companies, hotels and individual members of the community concerning animal welfare. In the past year we touched 5 counties on the western part of the country with our hands-on welfare approaches including our home county Nakuru. Some of the major achievements for instance include saving over 200 dogs from inhumane killing by residents of Action estates in Eldoret in collaboration with Nairobi KSPCA, education and awareness and practical improvement of donkey harnesses along Eldoret-Kitale highway communities, improved the care of dogs in various security and breeding kennels, and the rescue of 10 pelicans from Naivasha town which we released at Elsamere conservancy. We are looking forward to follow up on these cases in the coming year and achieve even newer and higher heights in animal welfare when resources allow us. The donkey ambulance covered 14,536km for investigations and rescues within Nakuru county, part of Narok and Nyandarua counties despite its desperate old nature. It was serviced at the Kentalya Ltd garage and also replaced the 2 old hind tyres and the spare wheel. This vehicle is currently completely worn out and our movements and ability to perform rescues is severely restricted, and we are therefore asking for support towards this. Kindly also commit to regular monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual donations, no matter how small, it would help to keep us going. We had 4 permanent staff until the end of August when Amos returned to Nairobi to replace the gap left by Paul. We have also used casuals on a need to basis during weekends, leave, and public holidays for routine work. The vet teams from Nairobi came for the spay neuters as depicted in the statistical table above. The Kentalya masons helped with the repairs and renovations. Several volunteers were also present from Primary school, secondary and university levels. We did routine repairs on the kennels and renovations at the staff quarters: house guttering, painting, kitchen, toilet & toilet roofs and Raphael moved in permanently with his family. Installed another 10,000l rain water tank and did proper guttering at the office to collect the waters. As far as fundraising went, apart from companies that donate monthly, we did only one fundraiser at the Naivasha Farmers Market in February before the coming of the Covid-19 pandemic. ACKNOWLEDGEMNTS - I would like to recognize the support of the companies and individuals who really supported us in 2020. Among them is Kentalya Ltd for the supply of firewood, servicing the vehicle, administration assistance, repairs and construction, and transport of animal feeds and other goods from Nairobi etc. I also recognize the support of Loki Ventures and Pet Pawfection for their support of cat and dog feeds from mid-year and December respectively; Morendat farm for weekly 30kg dog/cat meat; Nini farm, Lamorna, Ol Njorowa and Wildfire Farms for their monthly contributions; The Naivasha Farmers Market; Oserian, Live Wire, Ellie DÓlier and Brian Higgins for hay; Dr Nahil, Claire Pape, Lynne and Neil Coyte etc, and the vets – Dr Daniel Mungai in Naivasha who helps us regularly, especially in emergencies, Dr Ombati from the Nairobi KSPCA and our locum vets: Dr Cecilia Njoroge and Dr Desmond Tutu. Please come and visit us at Karagita on the South Lake Road, especially if you are able to adopt one of our wonderful cats or dogs! The virus has impacted us and animal welfare around the world negatively, with people struggling financially, animals being abandoned, and fundraising not able to happen as

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