Information and Application Pack Please send you completed forms by email or post to: GMP Neighbourhoods, Confidence and Equalities Team (NCE) Police Headquarters Northampton Road Manchester M40 5PB Email: Please mark your email or envelope: ‘Private - ICSP application’ If you require this pack in easy read, British Sign Language (BSL), Braille or another language, please contact GMP Neighbourhood, Confidence and Equalities (NCE) Team by email or post (address shown above). 1 April 2021 Why do we need Independent Community Scrutiny Panels (ICSPs)? On 22nd April 1993 Stephen Lawrence, was killed in an unprovoked racist attack when he was just 18 years old. His death subsequently prompted a public inquiry that took place over the course of 19 months before the findings were published in the Macpherson Report in February 1999. The report made 70 recommendations, many aimed at improving police practices. Greater Manchester Police is committed to continuing this work and doing all it can to achieve racial equality, both in terms of operational activity and within the organisation. This includes the constant review of the use of stop and search powers by police. When used fairly and appropriately, stop and search remains an effective tool when trying to keep communities safe. In an effort to increase transparency with all communities across Greater Manchester - as well as build trust and confidence in the force - GMP is seeking to establish Independent Community Scrutiny Panels (ICSPs) in each district across GM. The establishment of the panels will allow local people to scrutinise the use of police powers in their communities whilst also providing police with an opportunity to speak directly to those living in the area and get to the heart of issues within that community. We strive to openly learn how we can build better relations with our communities so that we can increase the confidence and trust they have in us, which will in turn increase our legitimacy with them. We know that in some cases, people may feel that they are less likely to be heard, given opportunities to succeed and possibly even feel targeted by police. This is why we are establishing Independent Community Scrutiny Panels in each of our policing districts across Greater Manchester. This will build on the already existing framework we have with our Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) and the Force Ethics Committee, and therefore add a different layer of community oversight. Hearing directly from our communities to get to the heart of the issues that are affecting local people, we can continue with our commitment to achieving race equality in Greater Manchester. Only by hearing directly from the people of Greater Manchester can we truly understand how we can address any issues in the use of police powers and assure you that these independent scrutiny panels will give you a voice and GMP will listen. 2 April 2021 What are Independent Community Scrutiny Panel (ICSP) and what will I do as a member? Becoming an ICSP member is fantastic opportunity to play a vital part in improving trust and confidence in GMP and building better relations with our community. You will become part of a team local people working with your local policing team on a voluntary basis. You will be provided with data and body warn video footage on the use of police powers such as stop and search and be given the opportunity to provide your honest feedback on how we are doing as well as listen to other people's views and experiences too. We also seek your opinions about how our practices impact on communities whether this is the reality or perception, especially where disproportionality is highlighted. This will help GMP to understand and address any issues, see where and how we can improve as well as celebrate good practice too. In return, all we ask is that you share your understanding with people in your community to show our transparency and shared understanding. How will GMP support the ICSP and its members? GMP will:  Provide and fund an induction and relevant training so that you are equipped to provide scrutiny.  Listen to what you have to say and your ideas of how we can improve.  Seek to recruit people from the local community so that we have a true representation but also positively recruit young people and other community representatives who are more adversely affected by the powers we use.  Will provide reasonable adjustments and s

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