Building Network Security and Sharing Network Civilization Together 1. Have you ever been online?Do you have QQ number? 2. What is your main purpose of surfing the Internet?Play or swim What about the play? 3. Do you talk to strangers?Make friends with strangers Friends?What are you and your netizens doing? Communication? 1. Have you ever had experience in Internet cafes?Can you tell us something about it? 2. What's the first thing to go home on week ends?Do you surf the Internet at home?How long does it usually last?What do you do onli ne? To tell the truth Is the Internet an Angel? Is the Internet the Devil? If I want more information, I can... I hate shopping. I can... I don't want to go to the library to search for information. I can __________. If you don't want to queue up, you can... Want to have friends and relatives on the other side of the ocean, worry about the h igh telephone charges, I can... 1. Consulting materials, understanding current affairs, increasing knowledge and broadening horizons; 2. Recreation and relaxation.Enrich li fe 3. Online Shopping, Job Search, Consul tation and Personnel Seeking 4. Expanding the scope of making frien ds and making new ones A shocking set of dat a According to the survey report completed by more than 150 members of the CPPCC i n Beijing over four months, 81.3% of prima ry and secondary school students surf the I nternet, 70% of them indulge in online cha tting, more than 40% often care about por nographic websites, and the Internet has b ecome a part of teenagers'real "e-heroin". ● On November 9, 2008, China's first "Diagnostic Criteria for Internet Addiction" was approved by experts. Game addicti on was formally included in the category of psychiatric dia gnosis. A ki nd of According to the statistics of Beijing publi c security department, 76% of juvenile del inquency are Internet addicts. Be careful about account theft, especially QQ number. Why? Don't open unknown mail, be careful to be attacked by virus . Attention should be paid to making friends online, not to disclose p ersonal and family information casually, not to meet with netizens c asually. Criteria for judging Internet Addiction Think of it during the day and at night. Internet time is increasing every day. Get off the net and brush the hea rt empty. It's all about getting rid of troubl e. Losing friends and ignoring home , Save some money and spend it. National Convention on Youth Cyber Civilization Be good at learning online without browsing bad infor mation Be honest and friendly and do not insult or cheat oth ers Enhance self-care awareness and do not randomly date netizens Maintaining Network Security and Not Destroying Netwo rk Order Be beneficial to physical and mental health without i ndulging in virtual space-time Don't indulge in chatting onlin e. Don't indulge in BBS online. Don't indulge in online games. The premise is not to affect st udy and normal life I hope that students can make good use of computers and network s and make greater pr ogress in learning!!!

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