1 Message of President-Comandante Daniel on the 88th Anniversary of the Passing to Immortality of the General of Free Women and Men, Augusto C. Sandino February 21st 2022 Beloved Nicaraguan Brothers and Sisters, beloved Families of this Free Land, of Dario and Sandino. Our beloved Brother Arnoldo Guillén left us here this testimony. Here is the testimony of our History. From Carlos, the son of Sandino. Of Sandino, the son of Zeledón. Of 2 Zeledón, the son of Andrés Castro and José Dolores Estrada, and both children of Diriangén. There they are always at the forefront of our Nation, of our People, of our Youth. They lead the struggles that the Nicaraguan people continue to wage today, simply to let us live in Peace. That is our Struggle! For us to be allowed to live in Peace to continue developing all the tasks, all the programs, all the projects designed to generate employment, to eradicate Poverty, to multiply health services, to multiply education services, in the cities, in the countryside, from the urban areas to the mountains, from the urban populations to the Miskito, Ramas, Mayagnas, Creole communities, so that we can all live with greater tranquility, developing the creativity of all we Nicaraguans that today are proliferating in all kinds of creative initiatives. 3 In all the different economic, social and cultural activities, our People is present, the humble People, the working People, full of enthusiasm, full of joy, full of strength, full of dignity. Dignity. Defending the right to Peace in Nicaragua is to defend the right to Dignity, of respect for the Dignity of Nicaraguans, because we do not seek confrontation with anyone. All our heroes, throughout history, confronted those who came to invade us, those who came to try to take away our right to Freedom. And after the Spaniards, who was it who permanently invaded Nicaragua, constantly invaded Nicaragua? The different governments of the United States of America. Constantly. And they continue to have interventionist, interfering governments which multiply violence and war in the world. 4 Just recently, they had to withdraw from Afghanistan, defeated, indeed defeated. They spent years there, occupying Afghanistan, murdering entire families. They launched drones, seeking out those who resisted in Afghanistan, and on one occasion it turned out that they had bombed a humble house where a wedding was being celebrated, and they had committed murder there, as they committed the murder elsewhere, of hundreds, thousands of Human Beings. On this day in which we are paying homage to our General of Free Men and Women, on the 88th Anniversary of that day in which, fighting for Peace, our General Sandino was assassinated. He was fighting for Peace which is why he had come down from Las Segovias and had suspended armed activities, so as to 5 seek a Peace Agreement, because at that time the Yankee troops had also withdrawn from Nicaragua, who had not been able to defeat our General with his heroic Army in Defense of National Sovereignty. And they assassinated him. We all know the story of the assassination, which reminds us of the last supper of Christ. Here the last supper was offered to General Sandino by the President who was signing the Peace with him, and then when Sandino left the supper they captured him and assassinated him with other compañeros, with his other Sandinista brothers. So we tell our People that our commitment is to the ideals of our heroes, of our martyrs. Take note that none of them undertook higher studies, neither philosophical, nor political, 6 nor anything of the sort, in order to take their decision to defend their Nation. Why? Because their consciousness was one of Patriotic Love . And thus a current of thought, a sense, a discovery of values, of Sandinista ideology was forged in our Nation, accompanied too by the words, the poetry of Darío, and this is the inheritance that we all have to continue defending. And thus we say to Sandino, here with Colonel Santos López who was with him in the Army of Defense and who was also here in Managua, we must continue to defend it. He was one of the Army of Defense who was here in Managua that night when they assassinated our General, and when the military armed by the Yankees here assaulted the house where Colonel Santos Lopez was staying, they wounded him, but he 7 defended himself and managed to escape, and then later along the way he met Carlos, he met Tomas. Here are our br


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