Diamonds Rumba . . Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Intermediate Choreographer: Yo Herry P (INA) - April 2022 Music: Diamonds (DJ Maksy Rumba Remix 2017) - Rihanna . Intro: 16 Count SEC 1: WALK BACK (LEFT, RIGHT), TURN ½ LEFT, WALK FORWARD, (LEFT, RIGHT), TURN ½ RIGHT, OUTSIDE TOUCH 1-2& Walk back L, R, Make ½ left turn (W.O.R) 3-4 Walk forward L, R 5-8 Make ½ right turn touch L outside L, Drag L toward R (2 count), Continue touch L beside R SEC 2: HOLD, LIFT, KICK, FORWARD, TURN ½ LEFT, TURN ¼ LEFT, SWAY, SWAY, SWAY 1-3 Hold, Lift knee up, Kick L forward 4&5 Step L forward, Step R forward while turning ½ left, Make ¼ left turn step L to side 6-8 Sway R, Sway, L, Sway R SEC 3: HOLD, FORWARD, SPOT TURN, (TURN ¼ RIGHT)X2 1-4 Hold, Make ¼ right turn step L forward, Pivot ½ right turn, Make ¼ right turn step L to side 5-8 Hold, Step R forward, Make ¼ right turn step L forward, Make ¼ right turn step R forward SEC 4: HOLD, SIDE ROCK, RECOVER, FORWARD, HOLD, SIDE ROCK, RECOVER, BACK 1-4 Hold, Rock L to side, Recover on R, Step L forward 5-8 Hold, Rock R to side, Recover on L, Step R back Begin again Contact person:

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