YOUR LOGO HERE Your school name Choir Entertainment Centre (AEC) Concert Day Your date September 2021 Dear Parents/Caregivers, The information given in this note is very important to ensure the smooth running of the Festival Concert Day and the safety of our students. This is a unique year! Students will be leaving school at your specific time and will not return until your specific time/details. Concert Day Your day/date Depart School: _________ Meet at your time/place . All students must be in their choir performance clothes with their school jacket/jumper. Jumpers/Jackets will be removed for the rehearsal. Bring a plastic water bottle and a small healthy snack in a clear plastic bag. School bags are to be left in _______________(or given to brothers/sisters) for collection once we return to school. We will be back at school at approx. ________pm (remember 1300+ children and 50+ buses all leaving the AEC). PERSONAL STUDENT PREPARATION: Students should have a good breakfast before coming to school. Please go to the toilet before boarding the bus. Schoolbags are not to be brought on this excursion. DRESS: Coloured plain short sleeved Festival T-shirt Students will need to wear their school jumper or jacket as it will be cold after the concert.  Plain black trousers/long pants/leggings  Dark socks and shoes – Big W and Kmart have inexpensive plain black shoes.  NO jewellery, watches or make-up. Small stud/sleeper earrings only.  Headband/scrunchies must be fabric and a toning colour to child’s hair – no ribbons please.  Long hair must be tied back and all hair MUST BE OFF THE FACE – use clips (not shiny) and /or gel/hairspray! No high buns - This applies to all students. PARKING: Parking is available in the Entertainment Centre or around that area as offstreet parking. Please note the car park cost is $15 flat fee. Merchandise: Programs $8 (full colour glossy with our choir names in it!), Proud the Pelican $15, wrist bands $2, pencils $1, microphone $3, shoelaces $3 EFT/Cash. Concert Digital Download (change these words to suit yourself) We will purchase a digital download of our concert and it will be available for families for $10. This is only available through school. There is the option to purchase by clicking on a QR code in the program and this will cost more. Photographs Each student will be professionally photographed as well as Soloists/Guest Artists and general choir photos. These are available from Treasured Memories (see attached promo) and there’s a QR code in the program. FIRST AID: If a student leaves the stage during the concert, First Aid and backstage personnel will look after them. Parents will not need to come back stage. Students who are asthmatic will need to have their puffer with them (in pocket or tucked in sock). If other medication is needed, it’s given to Mr Hill or Tracey who will give it back at the end of the performance. If there are any other medical issues that may arise please let Mr Hill know before we leave. Evacuation: In the unlikely event of an evacuation, Audience members will be directed by AEC staff and choir students will be directed by Festival of Music and AEC Staff. Choir students will be evacuated as upper and lower choir to the Western Assembly Areas. Unless there is a major incident, choirs will return to school as planned. If you have any concerns, please contact via email as soon as possible ( ). We are all very excited and looking forward to the performance! Anne O’Dea/Barry Hill/Tracey Cooper Teachers

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