WS from Atmosphere Basics Reading Troposphere: ____________ & _____________layer of the atmosphere. (_______________ to the Earth’s surface) Almost all ___________________ occurs in this layer All ________ on Earth is in this layer As you go higher in the Troposphere what THREE things go down? 1. ____________________ 2. ____________________ 3. ____________________ Oxygen % stays the same at ____ % but the overall amount of O2 drops because of the thinness of the air (lower air pressure) Fewer _________________ mean more ___________________________ (UV) in the upper troposphere Starts at the surface of the Earth and extends to _________km high Stratosphere: ●Extends up to _________ km high ●Temperature goes down to ________°F and up to ______°F ●Contains the _____________ which shields the Earth from harmful radiation Mesosphere: ●Coldest of all layers down to _________°F ●Sky turns _____________ (like outer space) at this altitude ●up to about __________ km Thermosphere: (includes ionosphere & exosphere) ●made up of the ______________(lower thermosphere) & ______________ (upper thermosphere) layers ●borderline of outer space ●temps range from ________°F to _________°F ●Thermosphere extends out to ________ km, exosphere to _______ km ●___________________ occur here ●Ionosphere can bounce ________________ off it and back down to Earth to extend the range of radios Mankind’s Influence ●Increasing pollution and greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, etc.) ●Could cause a runaway _____________________ that could destroy all _______________

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