Planning Letter for the Establishment of a Company Planning Letter for the Establishment of a Company (1) I. Preface Shanghai Dreamon Tourism Planning Company is an international tourism planning company approved by the State Tourism Administration and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.The company provides onestop comprehensive tourism planning for tourists, such as group tours, free travel, Hotel booking, membership services, etc.The company is headquartered at 2360 Jinhai Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It has human resources department, finance department, marketing department and planning department. It has high-quality professionals, planning team and strict and standardized internal management system. As a member of the tourism planning industry, Holding Dream Tourism Planning Company insists on putting customer experience and experience first, constantly improving product quality and service level, so that tourists can truly experience the pleasure of travel and enjoy the company's services.In the future, Dream Tourism will provide consumers and business customers with better quality, more professional, more economical and more convenient products and services, become the most reliable partner in the market, and make outstanding contributions to the development of China's tourism industry! Dream travel, let you fall in love with the journey! II. Market Analysis With the vigorous development of the three major tourism markets, various sub-industries of tourism have also developed rapidly.Therefore, we set up our company: Shanghai Holding Dream Tourist Planning Company to plan the best tourist routes for tourists, so that you can experience the wonderful journey! III. Corporate objectives Contribute to the internationalization of China's tourism industry and be a pioneer of China's tourism service.And through the planning of specific tourist routes for customers, let them appreciate the true face of life, so that the usual hard-won happiness can be fully relieved and become a lifelong and beautiful memory. IV. Creative Description We sincerely hope that the journey planned for you will make you feel like a dream!Adhering to this wish is also the dream of all the staff of our company. We are named Dream Travel Planning Company. V. Media Strategy (1) Advertising plan A. Setting up advertising objectives to convey information to passengers and persuade them to travel, while forming a "word of mouth" advertising effect. B. Employ advertising agencies to advertise, so that advertising can achieve a professional effect. C. Establish advertising budget to ensure that advertising costs do not exceed the budget. D. Consider the possibility of cooperation, make use of advantages and government joint advertising activities to expand the impact. E. Decide on the strategy of advertising information and ensure the creativity of advertising so as to convey information ideas through advertising and influence the choice of passengers. F. When choosing advertising media, we should try to combine newspapers, TV, magazines, direct mail advertising and other advertising media so as to complement the advantages and disadvantages of various media, so as to ensure the best effect of advertising. (2) Sales Promotion and Transaction Display: If there are many preferential orders, cooperate with other industries, combine with their public activities, let them use sales to distribute travel vouchers for publicity purposes.In addition, the company will hold tourism and sightseeing exchanges to expand its influence and show its good image to the outside world. (3) Event marketing: shaping company image, improving reputation and guiding consumers to consume. (4) Public Relations and Publicity: Hold special events public relations activities, such as celebrations, and increase publicity.At the same time, we should be prepared to carry out crisis public relations in order to ensure timely remediation, so as not to damage the company's image. VI. Overview of Activities At present, the company's domestic routes are mainly Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hainan, Yunnan, Tibet, Sichuan and other places. The main foreign routes are Asia, Europe, Nordic Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Middle East, America, cruise, Phuket Island, Bali and other tourist routes.The company has also set up special columns for couples, such as "Love Leads You and Me" and "Seeking Hometown Together" wi

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