NEA Delegate Resumes Alexander, Pearlie – Eastern High – JCTA Board Member Human Civil Rights Committee Member Transformative Justice Committee Member It is my honor to represent you! Back-Stevens, April – Ramsey Middle – I have served as a KEA delegate for 2 years. I have experience as a general education teacher and I am currently a ECE teacher serving in the role of a MSD teacher. I am proud to be a member of JCTA and to work for JCPS. I believe together …. Baker, Almaria – DuValle Education Center – Baker, Almaria—DuValle Education Center—I am currently seeking election to become a delegate for the National Education Association (NEA). I have worked as an Early Childhood Teacher since 2004. I serve as a Professional Representative for my building with JCTA. In the past, I have served as a delegate (Washington D.C.). Please consider voting…. Berlin, Tammy – Atherton High – For solidarity, for equity, for our profession, for our future! Blackford, Jelani – Wheatley Elementary - No Resume Blanton, Emilie – Southern High – I have taught at Southern HS for 14 years and served as a PR and on the JCTA Board. I would appreciate your vote to represent you at the NEA Representative Assembly! Bradford, Shaundeidra – Breckinridge Metro High - My name is Dr. Shaundeidra Bradford. I have attended three NEA conferences in the past and would like to continue learning how to best serve my colleagues and students. My desire is to obtain information that I can bring back to the district that encourages, motivates, and inspires educators to …. Brown Shelley – Brooklawn - Employment - JCPS Teacher: Middle School Social Studies, Exceptional Child Education (October 2015-present); JCPS Substitute Teacher (February 2015-October 2015); Staff Attorney, Department of Public Advocacy – Trial Division (October 2005-December 2014) Involvements - Schnitzelburg Area Community Council Chester-Burton, Beverly – Waller-Williams – Greetings! I have served on JCPS/JCTA committees and as a education trainer for NEA. Additionally, I have served as a KEA and JCTA board member. I would appreciate the opportunity to represent you as a NEA delegate. Together, we can "Keep Kentucky Learning." Wishing blessings to you all. Clark, Apryl – Cullture & Climate - I ask for your vote! I have served as a building-level rep and a voting delegate for the KEA and NEA. It is a pleasure to support and champion education-related issues as a proud union member. I appreciate your support! Cuby, Jacqueline – Trunnell Elementary – No Resme Cunningham, Kellye – Breckinridge Metro High – I am a 2nd career teacher and an advocate for students in the school and in the community. I believe in holistic education of our youth and have dedicated years to serve and educate others on civil rights issues and social justice issues. I am honored to be a delagate …. Currington, Lynda – Rangeland Elementary - I have attended the past NEA conferences and I have been a voice for my fellow JCPS teachers. I will continue to be that voice on a national level. It is important that the USA understand educators' sacrifices and accomplishments. I ask for and appreciate your vote. Davis, Ryan – Waggener Traditional High – I have been a JCPS teacher and union member for 14 years. In the last 5 years, I have become more active as JCTA board member and as a leader on union committees. I appreciate the chance to represent us at the RA. Page 1 of 4 2022 NEA Delegate Resumes Dean-Bacon, Kenyata – Newburg Middle – I can’t wait to meet other people from across the country from school districts like ours to hear about how they are growing, even in these difficult times. Send me….I’ll go! Evans, Christina – Wheatley Elementary – It would be an honor to represent JCTA/KEA at the 2022 Assembly in Dallas Texas. It is a wonderful experience to be able to work with other educators around the country to have a voice in policy that will affect our students. I have had the joy of being a …. Fields-Hill, Danyel – Brooklawn – I’m a veteran teacher with 20+ years experience with JCPS. I’m an active JCTA and community member. I’ve served on committees, attended training and social events as a part of our organization. I would be honored to represent you at the NEA delegate assembly. Please vote for me. Haynes, Kirk – Kennedy Montessori Elementary- YOUR vote to represent JCTA at the NEA Representative Assembly is much appreciated! I have been a delegate for 3 assemblies and would like to represent you again. Henry, Ali

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