*****Project security whole prison reason gauge Delimitation Zhoushan Haitong Waterway Engineering Consulting Supervision Co., Ltd. 201401 months Catalog 1. PURPOSE OF COMPILING SAFETY SUPERVISION PLAN 3 2. GENERAL SITUATION OF THE PROJECT AND CHARACTERISTICS OF SAFETY SUPERVISION WORK 3 3. BASIS OF SAFETY SUPERVISION WORK 3 IV. SERVICE SCOPE AND OBJECTIVES OF SAFETY SUPERVISION 4 5. ORGANIZATION OF SAFETY SUPERVISION 4 6. RESPONSIBILITIES OF SAFETY SUPERVISORY JOB ___________ 5 VII. SAFETY SUPERVISION WORK SYSTEM ____________ 10 8. WORK PLAN FOR SAFETY SUPERVISION 13 IX. SAFETY SUPERVISORS AND EQUIPMENT EQUIPMENTS AND ENTRY AND EXIT PLANS __________ 15 10. WORKFLOW DIAGRAM OF SAFETY PRODUCTION SUPERVISION 17 XI. LIST OF CONTROL, WORKING METHODS AND MEASURES FOR SAFETY SUPERVISION ___________ 17 XII. SUPERVISION PROCEDURE ____________ 20 Safety supervision planning 1. Purpose of compiling safety supervision plan In order to better fulfill the safety production supervision contract signed with the owner, strengthen the safety control and management of the construction of each tender section, earnestly implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management". In accordance with the laws and regulations of the State concerning safety production, and in combination with the characteristics of the ** project, the safety supervision office specially formulates the safety supervision work plan to guide the on-site supervision and management of the project.Safety supervision in the whole construction process. II. General situation of engineering and characteristics of safety supervision ******** Project Engineering Survey.The main safety monitoring objects of the project are: 1. high-altitude operation; 2. blasting operation; 3. prestressing tension operation; 4. beam and slab hoisting operation; 5. formwork and support operation; 6. mechanical operation and maintenance; 7. temporary power consumption; 8. high slope construction; 9. deep foundation pit excavation; 10. construction safety in flood season. 3. Basis of Safety Supervision 1.Law of the People's Republic of China on Safety in Production 2.Highway Law of the People's Republic of China 3.Regulations on Safety Production Management of Construction Projects 4.Labor Law of the People's Republic of China 5.Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China 6.Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China 7.Compulsory and Articles of Engineering Construction Standards 8.Code for Construction Supervision of Waterway Engineering 9.Technical Specification for Safety of Temporary Electricity Use in Construction Site 10.Regulations on Safety Production Supervision of Special Equipment 11.Regulations on the Reporting and Investigation of Production Safety Accidents 12.Measures for Safety Production Management of Highway and Waterway Engineering Construction 13.Safety supervision contract and construction design drawings signed with the owner IV. Service Scope and Objectives of Safety Supervision The scope and goal of safety supervision stipulated in the safety production supervision contract signed with the owner are taken as the guiding direction of safety supervision work of the supervision office, and the supervision and management of safety construction of the contractor units are strengthened to create safety zero accidents. V. Organization of Safety Supervision The supervision office has a full-time safety supervision engineer, who is specifically responsible for the supervision and inspection of safety management, urges contractors to investigate and control potential safety hazards, inspects and implements safety production measures, issues supervision directives and supervises contractors to rectify existing problems in construction, reports regularly or irregularly on safety work to the chief supervisor, and completes supervision safety records and account books.Participate in compiling monthly safety supervision report and summary of safety supervision work. In order to strengthen the supervision office's control and management of construction safety in each bid section, earnestly implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", investigate and control various potential safety hazards in construction, ensure the safety of life and property of all parties involved in construction, promote the

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