Cognus Therapies Update May 2021 Cognus are constantly evolving our therapy work in line with national best practice. Any adaptations are always after discussions with the LBS Commissioning Team and we ensure that, wherever possible, we are aligned with local health provision and school SENCOs to deliver a seamless service, making sure that all statutory assessments are undertaken and any resulting therapy delivered. Both our Speech and Language Team and Occupational Therapy teams work within the guidance of their respective Royal Colleges and all are HCPC registered. We are proud to have an excellent, committed and creative team, many of whom are nationally recognised for their expertise and continue to deliver very high-quality provision across Sutton., Some key facts and figures for 2020/21: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) We have more therapists working for Cognus than ever before (4 times the number of OTs and 7 times the number of SaLTs since 2017); Recruitment of high-quality therapists to permanent roles has been challenging compared to previous years; this is not a local issue, but a national challenge and the pandemic has added to the challenge; We deploy resources across the whole area to meet needs and as effectively as possible with the available capacity; We are currently coproducing a holistic early intervention model, engaging with schools to support this; Our new ways of working (embedded model, teletherapy) have been well received and will be retained, where appropriate, after consultation across the area; We are working in partnership with NHS and LBS colleagues to use all feedback received to improve the experience families gain from the local therapy offer; We are working with key stakeholders (SPCF, LBS, SENCOs) to ensure communication about our service(s) improves for everyone; The Cognus Therapies team are doing some excellent work using social media, podcasts and partnering with national agencies to deliver better services and key messages in the most effective ways; The team continue to listen to those we deliver therapy to and for, consider national best practice and evolve the best offer possible (within finite resources); We are excited to be working more closely with SPCF who, after their parent/carer engagement events in the Spring Term, are running a Focus Group for parent carers who want to be involved in shaping services moving forward. Contact if you would like to join the Focus Group. We have captured just some of the examples of great work and practice below. We understand that there are challenges as a direct result of the pandemic and the Therapy team are working tirelessly to deliver what is needed across the local area with our partners. We continue to look forward with confidence and are excited about what the future commission and partnership working holds for the future. Should you have any questions relating to the services Cognus are providing please do not hesitate to get in contact with your therapy lead. A list of key team members can be found here: Patsy Winkley – Team Manager Julie Kiely – Assistant Team Manager Alex Benjamin – Principal OT Alison Rees – Highly Specialist SaLT – Early Years and ASD Ashlea Stephens – Highly Specialist SaLT – POST 16 Cognus Therapies Update May 2021 Emily Harnett - Highly Specialist SaLT – Down Syndrome Helen Gardner - Highly Specialist OT – ASD and MLD Helen Raby - Highly Specialist SaLT – DLD Jessica Brown - Highly Specialist OT – Mainstream Lisa Ogden - Highly Specialist SaLT – SEMH, Young Offenders and Trauma Rachel Wilson-Dickson - Highly Specialist SaLT – SEMH Rose Fletcher - Highly Specialist SaLT - ASD Tamara Rainsley - Highly Specialist SaLT – HI specialist Please contact your therapist directly via or email the team inbox at and your query/feedback will be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff. Working with Schools and Positive Feedback We work collaboratively with schools to support the needs of children and young people to support the development of their skills, support them to achieve their outcomes and promote their independence to enable them to prepare for adulthood. Here’s a couple of examples of some of the feedback we have received recently: “Just a quick note - After a fairly grim.… paper a couple of weeks ago (ended with a meltdown), M told me last night that he had used the mind mapping approach you showed

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