Hubei University Opening Report of Undergraduate Thesis (Design) Current situation and prevention of fog and haze in Wuhan Name Tao Xuehuo No. 10019 Grade 2010 Environmental Engineering Instructor Li Chuan, Associate Professor 22 February 2014 1The purpose and significance of this research Objectives: With the development of the times, a word which was not popular in the s popular in recent years in the whole country, that is PM2.5, which corresponds to a long-stan haze makes traffic more and more congested, people's health more and more unhea change...For the present situation of haze and its prevention and control has become parti example, the haze weather in Wuhan is getting worse and worse, and the number of days is Wuhan basically wear masks when they travel, and the number of people going out for exe people are afraid to go out, and the respiratory department in hospitals is overcrowded.This Wuhan in detail from its generation mechanism, causes, current situation, characteristics, haza the analysis of the current situation of the haze weather in Wuhan, as well as the preventi weather in Wuhan, and makes some plans for the control measures.The purpose of this proje term effective and feasible way to control the haze weather in Wuhan, reduce the impact of ha health, and ultimately completely eradicate the haze weather in Wuhan, and return the people Significance: The haze weather in Wuhan is getting worse and worse. Especially since the days of haze weather has continued to increase, the scope is gradually expanding, and the deg affected the life and health of the people of Wuhan.Fog management is a very complicated p related to economic development, improper treatment may have adverse effects on term.Therefore, it is of great significance for the management of fog. 2. The research status of this subject at home and abroad Fog is an aerosol system consisting of a large number of tiny water droplets or ice crystals It is the product of water vapor condensation (or condensation) in the air near the ground.H consisting of dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and organic acid hydride in the air.The formation con follows: the atmosphere forms inversion layer, the atmospheric stratification is stable, diff physical and mental health, traffic safety and regional climate. For the prevention and control measures of haze weather, the current focus is on the stud treatment programs of haze weather.Short-term measures to deal with haze include: solving a PM2.5; replacing dispersed coal-fired sectors with natural gas preferentially; cleaning coal-fir measures to deal with haze: Firstly, China's relevant laws should be improved, and a reward and punishment should be formulated. Strict and clear responsibility implementation s the efficient implementation of the plan.Secondly, effective monitoring points should be set u China, so as to understand the degree of haze in detail, and publish the real data. Hard measur and the masses of the people should also be called on to supervise and prevent it.Then gradua seriously polluted by the environment, by the way, use new fuels to replace seriously pollut development of the economy.For the planning and construction of urban greening, we shou government should also provide a large amount of environmental governance costs, and the protection of the environment and supervision of environmental governance. The severity of fog and haze weather in Wuhan is also obvious to all.To this end, the Wuha also formulated a plan of action for the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution called Plan". The plan covers 10 aspects: adjusting the unreasonable industrial structure, adjustin controlling non-point source pollution, including dust from construction sites, cooking fum emission of motor vehicles, and strengthening scientific and technological research on enviro eliminate the haze in five years, so as to improve the air quality of the city as a whole.The haze to study and learn from the experience and lessons of developed countries, strengthen en improve the legal system to solve this serious environmental problem.To cope with the impact key is to reduce particulate matter, especially PM2.5 pollution from the source. Research content of this topic The main contents of this subject are as follows: 1) The basic concepts and characteristics of haze; 2) The formation mechanism and causes of haze; 3) The present situation of haze; 4) haze haze haze; 5) Prevention and control me

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