Adhere to the overall concept of national security.It is an important principle and correct answer to our Party's governing and managing state affairs to make overall plans, enhance the sense of suffering and think about danger in order to live in peace and security. A Reform and Development B Development and security C External and Internal Security D Homeland Security and National Security The survival and development of any country depends on consumption. A Ecological Resources B Energy Resources C Land Resources D Natural Resources Which of the following does not fall within the scope of the application of the cooperative linkage mechanism of national security? () Correct answer: A A Between Enterprises B Between Central and Local Government Between C Departments Between regions D At present, the connotation and extension of China's national security are more abundant than at any time in history. We must adhere to the overall concept of national security, take people's security as the purpose, and take () as the basis, and take a road of national security with Chinese characteristics.Correct answer: D A Economic Security B Social security C Cultural Security D. Political Security The central leading organs of national security shall implement and coordinate efficient national security systems and working mechanisms.Correct answer: A A Unification and Integration B Highly Concentrated C Vertical Leadership D centralization and unification Which of the following does not belong to the requirement of information reporting specified in the National Security Law? () Correct answer: D. A in time B accuracy C objective D comprehensive Opposing national division and safeguarding the reunification of the motherland are the fundamental interests of our country and the people of all ethnic groups in the frontier.Correct answer: A A Supreme Interest B Best interests C Fundamental Interests D Core Interests (2) To be responsible for the coordination of decision-making and deliberations in the work of national security, to study, formulate and guide the implementation of national security strategies and related major principles and policies, to coordinate and coordinate major matters and important work of national security, and to promote the construction of the rule of law in national security.Correct answer: A A Central National Security Leading Body B Central Committee of the Communist Party of China C National Security Department D Central Military Commission In accordance with the needs of safeguarding national security, the state establishes a mechanism for cross-sectoral consultation, conducts research and judgment on major matters of safeguarding national security, and puts forward opinions and suggestions.Correct answer: A A consultation B negotiation C consultations D analysis Only by adhering to (), can we ensure the scientificity of national security decision-making and transform national security decision-making into the practical strength of the people.Correct answer: C A All the people are soldiers. B Mass Struggle C Mass Line D People's Defense Line Party committees at all levels should play a leading role in the security work of their respective regions and departments.Correct answer: A A Absolute Leadership B Unified Leadership C. High Leadership D Overall Leadership Which of the following rights cannot be exercised by the national security organs in the work of national security? () Correct answer: C. A investigation B pre-trial C prosecution D detention To safeguard national security, we should adhere to the principle of common security and adhere to ().Correct answer: A A Mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation B Common, integrated, cooperative and sustainable C. Kindness, Sincerity, Benefit and Tolerance D Peace, Development, Cooperation and Win-win People are the national security () and the administrator's correct answer: C A Leader B Cooperator C participants Commander D My answer: C 15 According to the provisions of the National Security Law, () in accordance with the Constitution and laws, administrative regulations concerning national security are formulated, relevant administrative measures are stipulated, and relevant decisions and orders are issued.Correct answer: C A National People's Congress Party B Central Committee C State Council D National Security Department My answer: C 16 According to the provisions of the National Security Law, organs, p

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