On the Teaching Plan of the Theme Class on Food Safety By learning students about should safety make knowledge, choices and identifications when purchasing food, so that students can grow safely and healthily.Below is a lesson plan for the theme class on diet safety organized by Xiaobian. Welcome to read it! ___________ [Teaching Plan 1 of the Theme Class on Food Safety] I. Activity Purpose 1. Understand and memorize food safety knowledge and develop good hygienic habits.Establish food safety awareness, care for current affairs, cherish life, care for health. 2. Pay attention to food safety in schools. II. Activity Contents Question and Answer Competition game as the main form of discussion supplemented by two groups of men and women. 3. Activity preparation: 1. Let the students consult the information of food hygiene for group communication and preparation for the competition. 2. Choose the host and the team members, and do a good job of stage arrangement. 3. Food safety knowledge competition. 4. Collect the news about the vicious incidents of counterfeit and inferior food such as "Fuyang Milk Powder". 5. Purchase some food from stalls and supermarkets respectively. 6. Prepare a basin of water, hand sanitizer, towels and other items. IV. Activity process: (1) The moderator announced the opening of the theme class on "Food Safety and Health".Please give a speech to the head teacher. Head teacher: Classmates! Today, our class held a class meeting on the theme of "Food safety and hygiene".Students have learned about "food safety and hygiene" through their own actual investigation or access to information.I hope you can bring what you see, hear, think and learn into today's classroom, so as to communicate with each other and improve security and self- protection. (2) News introduction."Fuyang Milk Powder" and other vicious incidents of counterfeit and inferior food news coverage videos. Host: Like snacks is a child's nature, but often in the happy eating at the same time forget to see whether the food is qualified, whether expired, whether deterioration, so there is a big security risk.Please "Fuyang listen milk to powder" a paragraph and other about vicious incidents of counterfeit and inferior food. Moderator: shocking figures, people can not help but fear milk powder.In fact, it's not just milk powder that has a dark screen, but the danger lies beside us. (Take out the prepared food.) Now, let's ask all of you to judge what kind of food is qualified and where the unqualified food will appear. Students talked about the situation: some foods do not have a certificate, no production date, expiration, no ingredient description and so on.These foods often appear in street food shops, roadside stalls, mobile stalls and so on. Host: Next step (3) Knowledge competition on food safety issues.(answer question) Everyone competes in groups, men and women in groups.Let's start the first round.This round is a must answer. Each question has four choices, and only one of them is correct.Each group answered a question, adding one point to the correct answer, no deduction of points for the wrong answer. 1. What does green food mean (C) A, Vegetable and Fruit B, Green Food C, Safe and Pollution-free Food D, Food with Rich Nutritional Value 2. What foods can't be eaten together (A) A, tofu and spinach B, grapes and apple C, bread and milk D, steamed bread and soymilk Host: Well, the first round of the game is over. It seems that the situation is still very fierce. Now let's take a look at the score. (answer) Host: Next, we will have the second round of competition. Come on, students! This round of competition is for us all to answer, as long as the students answer yes or no, can or can't.After I have asked the question, I can answer it. 1. Can musty peanuts be eaten? 2. Can fried food be eaten regularly (no) 3. Can instant noodles be used as staple food (no) 4. Can we eat fast food every day? 5. Can I drink milk on an empty stomach? (debate topic) Discuss in groups and send a representative to share your opinions and conclusions.The group that speaks best adds 3 points and the second one adds 2 points. Host: Advantages and disadvantages of using disposable chopsticks and plastic tableware in restaurants and restaurants Answer: Li: Hygiene, not easy to infect all kinds of diseases. Disadvantage: Plastic tableware is

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