On the Reform of Mixed Ownership in State-owned Enterprises Since the reform and opening-up, China's economy has been mainly composed of stateowned economy and collective economy, while private economy and individual economy are in the embryonic stage of development.Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out in the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee that China's economic development should be based on "public ownership as the main body and multi-ownership as the common development".Behind the rapid economic development, there are many hidden dangers that can not be ignored. The most obvious hidden danger is that in the face of the economic development of our country, the soybean depends on the state-owned enterprises. However, the development of state-owned enterprises depends on the support of national policies and regulations, which leads to the lack of creativity and initiative of state-owned enterprises after many years of development. This article from deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and developing mixed institutes.This paper analyses several aspects of the ownership economy, and explores how to promote the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises. Keyword Reform of Mixed Ownership in Stateowned Enterprises I. Advantages of Developing Mixed Ownership Economy (1) Promoting the Development of Non-public Ownership Economy Economic control of the lifeline of the national economy plays a vital role in China's economic development. For example, Jinan Ganghua Gas Co., Ltd., a state-owned public utilities enterprise, has made great contributions to Jinan's economic development, environmental construction and the improvement of residents'quality of life since its mixed restructuring through joint ventures with Hong Kong.The advantages of public ownership economy in the fields of public utilities and infrastructure are brought into full play, such as large scale of operation, strong technical strength and high quality of employees, while non-public ownership economy has advantages of flexible operation, strong market competitiveness and strong market adaptability.Public ownership economy and nonpublic ownership economy are integrated and complementary advantages are realized.Compared with the state-owned enterprises with single ownership, the state-owned assets have achieved rapid development by absorbing state-owned capital and driving other non-state-owned capital to expand the production and operation mode, management and technological innovation of enterprises, which has also led to the rapid development of regional economy. (2) Benefiting corporate governance The addition of capital, especially external capital, is conducive to improving the internal control and supervision failure of state-owned enterprises.The composition of the mixed system will inevitably optimize the internal structure of company management, and at the same time realize the separation of property rights and management rights.Since the establishment of mixed ownership in state-owned enterprises is based on the reference of modern enterprises, the most prominent feature is clear property rights, so it is necessary to ensure that state-owned assets investors are in place.How to better define the unclear definition of the property rights relationship of state-owned enterprises, the government and enterprises can not distinguish, leading to many state-owned enterprises become the means of local government allocation of government resources, unable to control the scale and direction of investment in accordance with market demand, leading to duplicate construction between regions, convergence of local industrial structure and other issues.Therefore, by adjusting the ownership structure and other ways, state- owned enterprises can improve the management decision-making mechanism of state-owned enterprises and better form a market-oriented enterprise management mechanism, which will help to improve the efficiency of enterprise management.At the same time, allowing mixed ownership economy to implement employee stock ownership is conducive to realizing the labor interests community, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, better playing the market competitiveness and vitality of state-owned enterprises, and thus improving the efficiency and efficiency of state-owned enterprises. II. The Countermeasure and Suggestion of the Reform of Mixed Ownership in State-owne

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