Liquor giants'initiative: strictly abide by the bottom line of liquor safety    This newspaper (reporter Zhou Wei) recently sponsored the 4th Oriental Forum of Chinese Liquor by China Liquor Circulation Association and other leading liquor enterprises across the country, such as Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao, issued an advocacy to the industry that "everyone should unite to strictly adhere to the bottom line of liquor safety and health".The initiative also proposes that no enterprise or individual engaged in liquor production and marketing shall produce or sell alcoholic products that damage consumers'health and endanger consumers' lives and safety.In June this year, the Office of the Food Safety Committee of the State Council issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Alcohol Products, which comprehensively deployed the supervision of the quality and safety of alcohol products.The circular clearly stated that the illegal use of non-edible substances such as industrial alcohol and abuse of food additives such as sweeteners and pigments should be strictly investigated and punished.Industry experts believe that, as a traditional industry with thousands of years of history, liquor brewing technology has been very mature, and food safety problems are not easy to occur.Experts said that more than 98% of liquor ingredients are water and ethanol, while less than 2% are other esters, acids, aldehydes and alcohols. Although these substances have little content, they are the main components of various flavors of liquor, affecting the style of liquor.But at present, there are some low-end liquor products to attract consumers. They often use signs made of pure grains and adjust their mouthfeel by adding corresponding substances. In addition to adding flavors, sweeteners, and removing bitterness, some add glycerol for hanging cups, and some wine companies add citric acid in wine, but they do not explain in product descriptions.The director of Luzhou Laojiao said at the meeting that the company has practiced the quality concept of "making the quality of Chinese liquor visible" for many years, and established eight systems including organic management system and quality management system as the guarantee of management system.At the same time, the construction of 200,000 Mu Organic Sorghum base in Luzhou Laojiao has also guaranteed the product quality from the source.On July 15, a reporter visited some famous liquor stores in Chengdu and found that no matter high-grade liquor or or low-grade liquor, there were no words such as "food additives" on its packaging.In view of this, experts in the industry believe that the standard of additives in liquor in China has lagged behind the development of the industry, and there is no compulsory requirement to specify the use of additives on labels in detail, so that some enterprises play a "edge ball".Industry experts appeal that liquor-making enterprises should truthfully label the addition of food additives and respect consumers'right to know. At the same time, relevant departments should formulate corresponding quality standards and strictly regulate the use of additives in liquor.This is one of the keys of many liquor giants'initiatives to the industry. Construction of Food Safety Early Warning System for Liquor-making Enterprises (17:35 on August 31, 2010) News Content: Summary Food is the most basic material condition for human survival and development.It is the basis of human survival and development. It concerns the vital interests of every food consumer, social stability and social public interests.In recent years, vicious and unexpected incidents in food safety have occurred repeatedly in the world, seriously affecting the social economy and the normal life of consumers.Food safety concerns not only the life safety and health of the people, but also the reputation of production and operation enterprises, even the whole industry and a country.At the same time, the waves caused by these events will directly affect social stability and economic development.Therefore, to pay attention to food safety, a worldwide problem, and to effectively monitor the factors harmful to food safety by means of science, technology and legal system, is the work that the food industry of our country must do in the 21st century.Government departments and food production enterprises need to change "passive response" to "active prevention". Correct analysis

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