11-6 months before marriage   01 Confirm the wedding date When it comes to marriage dates, we have to mention "auspicious days"which auspicious days are there in 2019?No more robbery. Family elders are more concerned about auspicious days, it is best to choose a good day one year ahead of schedule. After all, the best auspicious days of the year are only a few days, not only expensive hotels, good wedding, photography, make-up, hosts, etc.Everything has to be snatched from somebody! ____________No need to think about the discount. It's likely that none of your favorites will be able to book a letter V for the wedding planning of Novo: 4547 13436. Therefore, if not strongly requested by the elders of the family, let's give up the idea of auspicious day. It is also very meaningful for many new couples to set their anniversary of acquaintance and wife's birthday as the wedding day.   02 Decide on Wedding Budget Clearly, "How much are we going to spend on this wedding?"Make a preliminary budget for marriage expenses. Wedding planning usually accounts for about 40% of the wedding banquet, which is the largest part of the cost of the wedding. Four Kingdoms account for about 20% of the total cost of weddings. Jewelry 10%; 5% wedding dress; 5% of wedding products and other articles; Honeymoon 10%; A reserve of 10% is required from time to time.   Tips: If the wedding is attended by parents or paid by parents, you can set up a wedding preparatory group consisting of parents and experienced relatives and friends.   03 Determining the Wedding Form Outdoor or indoor weddings, do you have any special requirements for the venue? Do lawn weddings?Ballroom Wedding?Or does it have to be a five-star hotel? Are there any return banquets and thank-you banquets besides the main wedding banquet? Before deciding on the wedding form, we can go to several more wedding celebrations and talk with the planners. On the basis of understanding of various wedding forms, the two families discuss and make satisfactory decisions.Otherwise, it can only be regarded as blind selection.   04 Hotel Reservation It is suggested that we should first think about the style and form of the wedding, then decide on the hotel, and choose the hotel that matches our own preferences, so that the wedding decoration can be multiplied with half the effort. The following considerations should be taken into account when deciding on a hotel: (1) Hotel environment: It is better to have a height of more than 4m, a width of about 1.8m, and fewer pillars. (2) Decoration style: whether it matches wedding style or not; (3) The number of seats: determine how many guests you can invite; (4) Catering service: Whether it includes invisible consumption or not, the general hotel will charge about 10% - 15% of the service fee, including about 5% of the tax. In addition, it's better to ask clearly how to calculate the admission fee, cleaning fee, equipment use fee, bottle opening fee, spare table fee, parking fee, wedding room layout fee and so on. (5) Transportation (Convenience or not) Specific Hotel strategy hotel or wedding?What should we pay attention to when ordering a hotel?Your Hotel questions are all here. 26-3 months before marriage   01 Confirm wedding anniversary Weddings and hotels are the major costs of weddings, many brides will consider first engagement, then hotel, according to their wedding style to choose the hotel.It's better to have a good chat with the wedding planner before you decide, and then the bride who is in a tangle must be settled three months in advance. At present, there are three kinds of wedding organizations on the market: (1) Set meal, you see which one is similar to COPY one for you, the general new person can choose the color.The advantage is that the product is fixed and the price is clear, but this kind of design experience can not be enjoyed by customization. Customization can integrate your love story and elements you like into the wedding design.Because of the high cost of communication and design, it is generally necessary to pay a deposit before the scheme is put forward.The price will also be higher than the package wedding. (3) Semi-set meal and semi-customized meal, can add their own small elements on the basis of the set meal, the most important thing is to communicate well with the planner. Marriage pit prevention guide spend three months before marriage compared to more than a dozen wedding celebrations, she s

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