2017Network Security Knowledge of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. in 2000 Online Learning Question Bank I. Judgment Questions 1According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Network Security, any individual or organization has the right to report acts that endanger network security to the departments of network communications, telecommunications and public security.(correct) 2According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Network Security, no individual or organization may steal or obtain personal information in other illegal ways, nor illegally sell or provide personal information to others.(correct) 3To avoid the difficulty of memorizing passwords, we can set easy-to-remember passwords, such as using name, work number or birth date as passwords.(error) 4The use of the Internet has become the main way to spread computer viruses. (correct) 5The information risk of network transaction mainly comes from the risk of stealing under false name, tampering with data and losing information.(correct) 6If you leave the office or work area, you should lock the computer screen or turn of the computer.(Correct) 7Because of its particularity, the production computer can not implement safety control measures.(error) 8Phishing often targets carefully selected e-mail addresses.(correct) 9When the production computer and office computer terminals are scrapped, they should organize the unified destruction of hard disk and other data storage media in accordance with the company's confidentiality requirements.(correct) 10No network equipment shall be set up privately in the internal information network, and no Internet connection shall be established illegally by means of WIFI, wireless network card, special line, etc. without the connection of computers to the internal network.(correct) 11Personnel of a foreign unit who need to use the computer terminal of the company due to their work must obtain permission from the personnel management department of the foreign unit and report it to the information operation and maintenance department for record and registration, and use it under the escort or supervision of a special person.(correct) 12Provincial unified construction of Internet export shall be strictly prohibited for all units directly under the jurisdiction to open Internet export.(correct) 13The initial password given by the information system meets the requirements of the complexity and length of the password and can be used for a long time.(error) 14Information obtained by information departments and relevant departments in fulfilling their duties of network security protection can only be used for the needs of maintaining network security, and may not be used for other purposes.(correct) 15Employees'computers can access the company's integrated data network using 3G/4G cards at the same time.(error) 16You can leave the computer without locking the screen.(error) 17Computer viruses are generally transmitted through the network. If our computer is not connected to the Internet, we can not install anti-virus software.(error) 18In order to facilitate work, sensitive business information can be stored on mobile intelligent terminals for easy access.(error) 19In our daily work, we should raise safety awareness when dealing with waste materials, and use shredders to crush discarded paper documents containing sensitive information.(correct) 20Third-party computer terminals may not connect to the company's integrated data network or join the company's computer domain without approval.If it is really necessary for work, it must be licensed by the third party personnel use department and submitted to the information operation and maintenance department for approval.(correct) 21The contents of on-site work or remote maintenance of external visitors shall be clearly stipulated in the contract. If the work involves confidential or confidential information, they shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.(correct) 22Computer terminals can be used in high temperature and humidity areas.(error) 23State secrets are classified into "top secret", "secret" and "secret" (correct) 24It is strictly forbidden to use non-encrypted mobile media to store confidential information (correct) 25After installing computer virus protection software, the machine slows down a lot. In order to facilitate work, the software can be uninstalled directly.(error) 26It is a selfless performance to bri

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