Network Security Educatio n Campus Security Series Class 10, Grade 7 上网 七嘴八舌聊 the t u o b lk a a t e s a nd he Ple t a s g e n g f ta ur advan ntages of s es a pl v m d a a x s i e d ith w t e k? Intern you. r o w t ne d n e u h ? o t k r f r a o o s w t et efi n n e e h b t of the s e d r r a a at az h h e W h . t 1 are t a h 2. W There are many advantages for stud ents to surf the Internet: • • • • Firstly, the Internet provides teenage rs with a vast field of learning and lea rning. Secondly, the Internet provides a ne w channel for teenagers to get all kin ds of information. Third, the Internet helps teenagers i mprove their skills. Fourthly, the Internet helps to broad en the minds and horizons of adolesc ents, strengthen communication bet ween adolescents, enhance their soci al participation, and develop their in ner potential. Ne gat ive im pac t of net wo rk Excessive addiction to online chat, games or bad websites: 1. Causing spiritual decadence and abandoning st udies; 2. Influencing physical and mental health and nor mal interpersonal communication; 3. Causing economic burden; 4. Influencing the trend of Ideological and moral c oncepts, some of them have embarked on the ro ad of breaking the law and committing crimes. Oppos ition Pupils who play online games in I nternet cafes during summer vac ation Case 1: Sudden death of 15-year-old teenage rs on the Internet On April 7, 2009, Zhou Rong, a 15-year-old Shenzhen teenager, said he went to school after his mothe r's breakfast at home, but he was walking in the street opposite to the school route. Five minutes l ater, Zhou Rong died suddenly on the road.The surveillance video captured the moment he fell an d the scene of his death was only 50 metres from the largest black Internet cafe in the community. Preliminary forensic judgement, Zhou Rong's death is related to his addiction to the Internet leadi ng to heart attack. His parents grieved that his son was addicted to computer games for a long tim e and often went to black Internet cafes. A few days before the accident, besides going home to sl eep at night, he spent all the time in black Internet cafes during the day, playing games for several consecutive days, fatigued and died of heart attack. Case 2: 17-year-old teenagers get tuberculosi s on the Internet for a long time Zhao Ping, a 17-year-old sophomore in senior high school, often went to I nternet cafes after school and got tuberculosis. In order to cure the di sease, he had to stop studying for one semester.His disease is very se rious, is hematogenous disseminated tuberculosis, treatment is not ti mely may cause tuberculosis meningitis. Doctors say that as an indoor public place, Internet cafes are crowded an d miscellaneous, while the space of Internet cafes is narrow, the ventil ation is not smooth, the bacteria and dust are suspended in the air, an d easily sucked into the lungs, while teenagers soak in the Internet for a long time, which reduces the body's resistance and inhales the bact eria, leading to the occurrence of tuberculosis.Zhao Ping's illness was cured in time, otherwise the consequences would be very serious. Case 3: Youth commits suicide after 11 consecutive days on the In ternet On November 14, 2005, Hu Bin, a 16-year-old boy, was rushed to the First Affiliated Hos pital of Anhui Medical University for rescue after taking pesticides. When he arrived at the hospital, Hu Bin was in critical condition. Two days later, Hu Bin left the world! Hu Bin's family, teachers and classmates agreed that online games were the main culpri t of Hu Bin's suicide, because before Hu Bin's suicide, he had played online games crazily for 11 days in a local Internet cafe, and then there was a tragedy of suicide.In the rescue process, Hu Bin described his 11-day experience of running away. Origin ally, in order to play online games, he was not found by his parents. He hid in a rural Internet cafe, ate a bag of instant noodles for three days during the day to satisfy hi s hunger, and slept in a paired chair at night when he was sleepy. The last words Hu Bin said before he died were: "There are monsters coming, kill all of t hem!"Kill it! "In the hospital bed, the child's hands are still moving, as if playing a ga me!   Case 4: A 13-year-old boy jumps from a building after indulging in the virtual world         On December 27, 2004, Zhang Xiaoyi, a 13-year-old boy at Bowen Middle School in T anggu District, Tianjin, chose

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