The majority of cadres are () and () in the work of national security, but also in the practice of national security work () and () the correct answer: C. A Leader, Demonstrator, Propeller, Participant B Leaders, Propellers, Demonstrators, Participants C Propeller, Participant, Leader, Demonstrator D Promoter, Leader, Participant, Demonstrator My answer: C2 Party committees and governments at all levels should incorporate safeguarding () and implementing security responsibilities into the overall work plan, so as to plan, deploy and implement with reform and development matters.Correct answer: D A Ecological Security B Economic Construction C Production Safety D National Security My answer: C3 For incidents that may or may have occurred that endanger national security, () the local people's governments at or above and their relevant competent departments shall immediately report to the people's governments at a higher level and their relevant competent departments in accordance with the relevant provisions, and may report to them if necessary.Correct answer: A A County Level, Overstep Level B Provincial, Grade by Grade C Provincial Level and Overstep Level D County, Grade by Grade My answer: A4 put forward for the first time at an important meeting the implementation of the overall concept of national security, speeding up the construction of national security and the rule of law, and building a legal system of national security.Correct answer: C A The Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China B Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China C Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China D Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China My answer: C5 overall national security concept enriches the connotation and extension of national security, is an important theoretical achievement to promote national governance system and governance capacity, and is the () thought guiding national security work in the new era.Correct answer: B A guidance B programmatic C important D fundamental My answer: A6 () refers to the sum of the survival and development needs of a sovereign country in the international community.Correct answer: C A National Rights and Interests B People's Interests C National Interests D National Interests My answer: C7 countries build and consolidate national defense independently and independently, implement the () strategy and adhere to the principle of national selfdefence.Correct answer: A A Active Defense B Negative Defense C National Defense D Active Defense My answer: A8 insists on the Party's () role in national security work. Party committees at all levels should play a leading role in the security work of their respective regions and departments.Correct answer: A A Absolute Leadership B Unified Leadership C. High Leadership D Overall Leadership My answer: At present, the connotation and extension of national security in our country are richer than ever in history. We must adhere to the overall concept of national security, take people's security as the purpose, and take () as the basis, and take a road of national security with Chinese characteristics.Correct answer: D A Economic Security B Social security C Cultural Security D. Political Security My answer: The following statement of D10 is incorrect () The correct answer is: D. A The National Security Law stresses that no individual or organization shall commit acts endangering national  security and shall not provide any financial assistance or assistance to individuals or organizations  endangering national security. Article 55 of the Constitution stipulates that it is the sacred duty of every citizen to defend the motherland and  resist aggression. C The National Security Law clearly stipulates that citizens and organizations should fulfil their obligations to  safeguard national security. D The Constitution does not stipulate the legal obligation to safeguard national security. My answer: D11 () In the course of fulfilling its duties, the relevant information concerning national security should be reported in time.Correct answer: C A Civil Affairs Department B Health sector C Departments of State Organs D Environmental Protection Department My answer: C12 national interests reflect the needs of the country as a whole, and therefore often have () characteristics.Corr

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