National Day Propaganda Slogan for Safety Production Guidance:This National Day safety production propaganda slogan is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. National Day Propaganda Slogan for Safety Production 1. Everyone talks about safety and safety for everyone 2. Life is the supreme responsibility for safety 3. Accidents come from paralysis of safety to be vigilant 4. Safety is to save safety is life 5. Ensuring safety production welcomes the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic 6. Safety is the source of life violations 7. Quality is the basis of safety and safety is the premise of production 8.Safety is less than a thousand days and accidents are more than nine days a day. Wheels turn to the responsibility throttle, which is closely connected with pedestrian life. Enterprise efficiency is the most important fire safety Article 1 11. Safety production should not be fluky and reckless. Safety regulations and blood are written into violations of rules and regulations, harming relatives and relatives 13. Risk is the friend of accidents, caution is the basis of safety. 14. Safety is the greatest benefit accident is the greatest loss of 1. Safety is the greatest benefit of accidents.5. Promote the level of production safety and build a harmonious and safe Huizhou 16. Ignorance and greater willingness will lead to dangerous protection and vigilance. 17. Safety is the cornerstone of life. Safety is the stepping stone of happiness. 19. Safety is the guarantee of happiness. 19. Take a look at safety insurance more than one step, less accidents. 20. Safety is about accident prevention, not forgetting dangers, not forgetting worries, 21. People are the most important.Valuable safety first, I want safety and safety for me 22. Safety first, prevention first, life first, precious safety first, 23. Safety production everyone has the responsibility to abide by rules and regulations to ensure safety 24. Mutual concessions and half-concessions everywhere, step by step, be careful and safe is the gold 255.Accidents and losses accompanied by benefits occur at the same time 28. Safety knitting happiness wreath violates rules and regulations and produces bitter wine of regret 29. Safety is the lifeline of workers and workers are responsible for safety 30. Enhancing safety awareness, improving safety quality and mastering safety skills 31. Safety can not be expected after the event to think twice before doing 32. Tolerance of danger equals self-defeating caution.Only by acting can we be safe and sound 33. Fire prevention must not be unleashed. An accident prevention must not be saved by a fluke.|

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